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Let's Go Car Shopping—Online
Get Net, get wheels
By Tim Connolly
Face it—you'd rather visit an oral surgeon than stare across the sales desk at a guy who's offering, oh, so altruistically, to "put you into the car that's right for you today." Something within cringes even as you try to believe he's an honorable human being with your best interests at heart. Sure.

Spare yourself some dread and do your car shopping online this time around. Safely ensconced at your computer, you have the expertise, the access, and the time to make an unhurried, no-pressure decision concerning this major-asset purchase. So, pop in your favorite CD, relax, and click your way to a great deal on that new ride...

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Magic Ball 3 — Windows
Break out!
It's the next magical installment of one fantastic breakout series! Featuring stunning visual detail and as much madcap fun as could be crammed into 80 spectacular 3D levels, Magic Ball 3 is the future of breakout games. So take a deep breath and download the adventure of a lifetime today!
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MindChimes 4.0 — Mac
Plinky-plunky Mac
MindChimes is a virtual wind chimes program created by a classical musician. The chime quality and wind patterns are beautiful, realistic, and natural. MindChimes runs in the background while you use your computer and does not interfere with any software. Choose from presets or create your own chime sets.
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Cockroach Caresheet
I say pet peeve, you say pet bug
Wondering how to care for your Madagascar Hissing Cockroach? We thought so. Here's what you need to know to keep your cute cuddly cockroach snug as a bug in a rug. Note: Good cockroach sitters are hard to find.
They shall inherit the earth.

Write well, get paid
If you want to move beyond blogging about your day-to-day musings, you can sign up with a site like Helium where you can share your own work and rate what others have written. You can even earn money if your articles are popular.
Pennies for your thoughts

Lose your restrictions
In technology years, the MP3 format is ancient. And it's proprietary. That's why leading audiophiles are starting to use Ogg Vorbis, a free and open-source audio codec and player that offers better compression and no license restrictions.
Sounds like teen spirit

Open you brain to science
This educational site from the California Academy of Sciences offers everything you ever wanted to know—or not—about the thing that surrounds our brains.
Get inside their heads

Movie Cliches
To groan is human
From good films to bad, they all seem to contain standard clichés that we've seen again and again: cars never run out of gas, action heroes never use the bathroom, dogs always bark at the bad guy.
Logic never pays

Digital Photography Review
Ask before you buy
One of the most authoritative sites on the Internet about digital photography, you'll find a wide range of camera reviews, history, a buying guide, and knowledgeable forums.
Point and click

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