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Let's Go Car Shopping—Online
Get Net, get wheels
By Tim Connolly

This site is a must for any prospective car buyer. Unvarnished tell-alls on salesman scams and hidden dealer kickbacks help to put you in the driver's seat (hint: never negotiate the price of a car based on payments). "Buying a New Car in 5 Quick Steps" covers the essential info in one page.

Kelley Blue Book
Most of us know the venerable "Blue Book price" as the standard for used cars, but the KBB site also features "New Car Blue Book Value" based on what buyers like you are really paying nationwide.
The True Market Value® section provides up-to-date pricing info, and even a customized report listing deals and rebates in your zip code!

No more traipsing down to 7-11 to pick up your local copy-the online Autotrader lets you search for new and used cars nationwide by location, price range, make & model; then save the cars you like to compare deals!

This site provides quick links to new- and used-car listings nationwide, as well as auto reviews, Kelley Blue Book Values, consumer alerts, and lots more.
Besides their well-known search capability, features plenty of car-shopping tools & tips, an auto-loan calculator, top-ten lists, auto news, and plenty more.
Rated the #1 car-buying site or top Internet site by Forbes, Time, PC Magazine, and Yahoo! Internet Life; CarsDirect lets you buy through them with "no-haggle" pricing, or go through an authorized dealer in your area.

Their pre-selected dealer network offers free, no-obligation price quotes in your area. Also features quick links to financing, insurance, and warranty providers.

Yahoo Autos
This site lets you quickly compare the options available for your chosen vehicle, along with dealer invoice price vs. MSRP, and more.

Remember, you can also shop for a car online through myEarthLink. Just click the Shopping tab at the top of your home page, then click Auto.