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EarthLink Toolbar—Menu Me
By Phillip White

We all have our own ideas of what the Web should be—maybe a slick, interactive, media-rich presentation, or maybe the quirky, irreverent side of life that you don't get to see on network television. The good news is that just about everything a person could ask for is out there in abundance. The bad news? The Net is also full of scams, pop-up ads, and dead ends.

EarthLink Toolbar—the perfect companion for surfing the Web with Internet Explorer or Firefox for Windows—is just what you need to deal with the riff-raff, find what you're looking for, and pull the best of EarthLink together into an unobtrusive space at the top of your browser window.

We've covered the basics of EarthLink Toolbar before—Pop-Up Blocker, ScamBlocker, powerful search options, etc.—but what many people don't know is that customizing the Toolbar goes beyond showing and hiding buttons. Need one-click access to your favorite Web site? You can add a button for it. How about a menu with links to all your favorite sites? Got it. Here's how.

Adding a Toolbar Button

To get started adding your own button or menu, click on the EarthLink logo and select Toolbar Options.

In the window that appears, click Create a Custom Button.

Now you have a choice between a button that just launches a Web site with a single click (Basic), or a Menu, where you can add several items (a Menu is also a button that launches a site).

After you click Next, you'll get to name the button and enter a Web address that will be opened when it is clicked. If you like, you can choose a custom icon that will appear beside the name on the Toolbar.

If you selected Basic, just click Finish, and you're done. But if you selected Menu, you'll see a Next button. Click it to add your menu items.

Add your favorite news Web sites, entertainment, your online bank...the places you think you'll visit most. To make it a little easier to find what you're looking for, try adding a separator—a horizontal line—to group your sites into categories.

Click Finish and you'll find your new button on the Toolbar.