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Make the Switch to the All-New myEarthLink

By Jennifer Cobb

We've redesigned myEarthLink from top to bottom to give you better access to all of your online interests.

The all-new myEarthLink brings:

  • Simplicity: Get all your interests on one page, saving you time every day.
  • A new, easy-to-use page: See the information that's important to you right away, without scrolling or changing pages.
  • Complete customization: Easily move or delete myEarthLink features.
  • Access from anywhere: You can access myEarthLink—and all your customized information—from any computer with an Internet connection, such as a workplace, café, library, hotel, or airport.

Signing In and Getting Started


If you see a Sign In box, enter your EarthLink email address (or EarthLink ID) and your password. (If you see a Sign Out button in the upper-right corner, you're already signed in.)

Next, take a look around the page:

On the left:
Your Favorite Sites List—the places you visit most on the Web. You can add, remove, and reorder any Web site in the Favorite Sites list.

Along the top:
Customizable dock icons—keep track of important information in real time, like weather, sports, stocks, and more.

In the middle:
Get news & updates from your favorite Web sites, preview email messages, see popular products from, and more.

Using and Customizing Favorite Sites

The Favorite Sites list gives you one-click access to your favorite Web sites, plus built-in search.

  • Click on a favorite to launch its Web site.
  • To search a Web site, click the arrow next to it, and get results in one click!

Customizing Favorite Sites

To add a Web site:
  1. Click Customize.
  2. In the Add a Web Site area, type the Web address (URL) of the site you'd like to add. If you'd like, type a name for the site.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Click Close.

To remove a Web site from your Favorite Sites list:

First, click Customize. Then, click the trash icon next to the Web site you'd like to remove.

To rearrange the Web sites in your list:

First, click Customize. Then, drag and drop the Web site in the location you'd like it to appear.

Using and Customizing News & Updates

News & Updates makes it easy to keep up with current topics from your favorite Web sites, blogs, and RSS feeds. Instead of visiting multiple Web sites every day to get the news you're interested in, with News & Updates you can receive instant updates in one place!

Click through your list of sources to see what's new, and then click on a headline to read more.

Customizing News & Updates

You can add Web sites from our recommendations or from anywhere on the Web. You can add local news, your cousin Fred's travel blog, your favorite entertainment sites, and more!

To add a recommended source:

  • Click the Add/Edit Sources link.
  • In the box at the top, browse to choose one of our recommended sources. When you find one, click Add.

To search for a source:

  1. Click the Add/Edit Sources link.
  2. In the search field, type a keyword (like “baseball”) or URL (like “”) and click Search.
  3. From the Search results, click Add to add a content feed to your News & Updates.

Using Email Preview

The new myEarthLink makes it easier than ever to preview your email messages. Click on an account's tab to see the most recent messages you've received.

You can add your EarthLink, Gmail, AOL, and AIM Mail accounts.

Click on a message's subject to open it in Web Mail, or click Go to Web Mail to open your inbox.

Using the Dock Alert Icons

Dock icons give you a quick glance of information as it's available. You can keep up with stock prices throughout the day, check the weather in your neighborhood, and be reminded of important events.

Stock Alerts
Click on the stock icon to receive alerts for stocks of your choice.

  • To add a stock, enter a company name or stock symbol in the search field, and click Search. From the results list, click Add next to the stock you want.

    TIP: Thinking about purchasing a stock? To check the stock price one time only: Click on the company name.
  • To remove a stock from your alerts, click the trash icon next to the stock.
Click on the weather icon to receive alerts for up to five cities of your choice. You can include your local area, your hometown, a travel destination, or any other city.
  • To add a city, enter a city name or ZIP Code in the search field, and click Search. From the search results list, click Add next to the city you want.

    TIP: Traveling? To check the weather for a city one time only: Click on the city name.
  • To remove a city, click the trash icon next to the city.
  • To change what city appears in your dock, click the star icon next to the city you'd like to set as your default.
Click on the date icon to create reminders for upcoming holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and to-do items. After you enter a reminder, this icon will display it along with the date and number of days remaining.
  • To add a reminder, type a name for the reminder in the field at the bottom, and choose the month and day. Click Add Reminder.
  • To delete a reminder, click the View My Reminder link at the top of the reminder window. Click the trash icon next to the reminder.
Security Alerts
Click on the security alerts icon to receive alerts for known viruses.
  • Click on a name for more information about the virus, as well as instructions for protecting your computer.
Click the sports icon to get the latest scores for your favorite professional sports teams from the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB. You can view scores from previous games, today's game, and view upcoming schedules.
  • To add a team, click the link of the league from which you'd like to choose teams, such as MLB, NHL, etc. Click the Choose Teams link. Check teams you'd like to add. Click Save.
  • To remove a team from your list of alerts, click the link of the league from which you'd like to choose teams, such as MLB, NHL, etc. Click the Choose Teams link. Uncheck the teams you'd like to remove. Click Save.

Arranging Your Page

Don't like the Email Preview at the top of your page? With the new myEarthLink, you can put it where you like.

  • Move Email Preview, Entertainment, News & Updates, etc., up or down on the page by dragging & dropping.
  • Remove one of these features by clicking its trash icon—but don't worry, you can add it back later.

Let Us Know What You Think

Other features and customization options are being added all the time. Check out the myEarthLink product blog for updates.