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Issue #129 August 27, 2007
Be Cool at School
Polish that apple and gear up!
By Gerry Ringwald
Nowadays, it takes more than sharpened pencils and a protractor to gear up for the first day of class. You will need lots of radical new stuff! Below are some scintillating suggestions to help make learning not just a job, but also a cool adventure.

Essential Equipment

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Leisure Time

Old Dog. New Tricks.
EarthLink's Improved Usenet
By Robert Levy
If you're a Usenet junkie, then you're gonna love EarthLink's improved service. And if you don�t know Usenet from a fishing net, read on to find out what you've been missing.

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Game: Digby's Donuts — Windows
Start dunkin'!
Here's your chance to run someone else's life—the hapless Digby, who opens and runs a chain of donut shops! The extent of your controlling Digby's world comes in stacking and dropping colorful donuts to form matches and combos while avoiding blunders. But you get to travel to 20 different cities and play across more than 80 levels. Fun, right?
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Poser — Mac
No messy clay...
Poser is a powerful 3D character design and animation tool. Create 3D figures using a diverse collection of ready-to-use 3D human and animal models. You can map facial photos, grow and style dynamic hair, and create dynamic cloth to add extraordinary realism to your figure. Hey, who knew you're an artist?!
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Bureau of Missing Socks
Or, That darned footwear!
Instead of stalking your missing stocking, check here first to find out what really happens to single sock runaways (or is that hopaways?)... Don't be a heel: Go in search of your sole.
Sock it to me!
Let the answers come to you
Need to ask a question or send an announcement to a group of friends, coworkers, or anyone else? This free site offers a simple way to get back a single organized result to use and share instead of a blizzard of emails and instant messages.
What's the question again?

Mix your own videos
Edit and mix videos, photos, and music—your own as well as material from other EyeSpot users—then share your creations with friends. It's easy and free. Plus, you can even create without a video camera.
The easy way to look creative

Dumb Criminals
Even dumber crimes
There's almost nothing funnier than stupid criminals and their foiled capers. Now there's a whole site filled with ridiculous and apparently true tales about dumb criminals and the dumb crimes they attempt to pull off in their dumbness.
Pure genius

American Folklore
Stories for cold winter nights
A rich repository of American folk tales, native myths and legends, ghost stories, and other tall tales from every U.S. state. You can also read about famous characters and historical figures.
Gather round the campfire

Virtual Traveler
See the world in ten minutes
Gorgeous photos and a photo blog written by a guy who's really been there. Places, animals, buildings, and garden spots from all over the world. He's also British so he spells traveller differently.
Go there...or not

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