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Scholarships & Grants
Using the Net to get to college
By Donal Hinman

College is one of life's great challenges. And one of the biggest challenges are you ever going to pay for it? If you or your kids are getting ready to enter the jungle of higher learning, the first thing you need to know is how to fund your expedition.

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Your Home Phone Away From Home
By Dinos Lambropoulos

Do you have EarthLink trueVoice or DSL & Home Phone Service? If so, the latest version of our free MindSpring voice/instant messaging program for Windows makes your home phone service portable! MindSpring now lets you use your home phone service from any computer (a laptop, a work PC, etc.) no matter where you are—just as if you're calling from home. This week's tech tip tells you how it works.

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LogonStudio — Windows
Flip your welcome mat
Change your Windows XP logon screen with LogonStudio. It comes with several logon screens to choose from, along with access to thousands that are available online from Web sites. It also includes an editor for creating your own logon screen.
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Game: Brain Hotel — Mac
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Brain Hotel is a point-and-click adventure game in the tradition of such classics as Maniac Mansion and the Monkey Island series. You play the role of Ed Arnold, a hapless deliveryman who gets tangled in the annual supervillain convention at the Brain Hotel and a plot to defeat one of the more ruthless supervillains at the convention.
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The Gyros Project
Greek fast food, or pop art?

If you're Jonesin' for a gyro, Chicago's your kind of town. The Windy City has more colorful places to purchase this Grecian fast food delight than you can shake a skewer at. And this site reverently chronicles the kooky and creative street art the gyro inspires.

Sophocles had a little lamb

EarthLink Offers

PC FineTune
Did you know that issues other than spyware and viruses can slow down your computer? Get our New 1-click software that addresses the causes of normal, everyday use! Free 30-day trial!
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EarthLink Family Content Bundle
Enjoy a great selection of premium online education and entertainment for your entire family for only $5.95/mo.
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Partner Offers

Free PC Check Up
In just minutes, PC Pitstop will safely test the health, configuration and performance of your computer. Receive a free custom report that details potential problems with your system, including tips for making your PC faster and safer.

New at EarthLink
EarthLink Cyber Check
Expanded services to meet all your tech needs

One call to EarthLink Cyber Check can make it all better. From setting up and maintaining a PC to configuring a video camera or other high-tech gadget to removing a nasty virus or spyware, we offer a full range of simple and secure remote services to help you with your computer needs.

Our services are available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, and our flat-fee pricing for each service offers great value compared to other options. Best of all, EarthLink Cyber Check is convenient. Our tech experts do it all over the Internet while you relax in the comfort and convenience of your own home—no need to unhook your PC and carry it into a service location.

Not sure what your PC problem is? You can get a full diagnosis of your PC for as little as $29.95.


No CC required
If your day involves sending and receiving multiple email attachments—and outfoxing over-zealous spam filters—this freeware is your reprieve. Users can upload, share, edit, and approve documents created with MS Office, Adobe PDF, JPGs, GIFs, PNGs, FrameMaker, Autocad, and more—without wondering if it got there.
I can't blame cyber goblins?

Juice up your party...
Want your get-together to be "off tha hizzy?" That takes planning—or it used to. With MyPunchbowl, any regular Joe or Jane can create custom invitations (with maps), locate the nearest party store, share party photos, create a public or private guest list, and lots more!
Am I early?

Splash Cast Media
Be a cyber-TV producer...
Looking to add streaming media to your Web site, blog, or social-networking page? Splash Cast Media provides a "skinless" player that lets users seamlessly mix video, music, photos, narration, text, RSS feeds, and more! Named one of PC World magazine's "25 Web sites to watch."
No paddle required

Klingon Language Institute
"Hab SoSlI' Quch!"
Translation: "Your mother has a smooth forehead." That's a nasty insult in Klingon; users beware. You’ll find plenty more pithy phrases, as well as sound bites, pronunciation guides, a Klingon alphabet, and lots more on this Trek-tastic site.
To boldly go...outside the house

Cowboy Poetry
What rhymes with cattle prod?
As wide-ranging as the western skies, this site keeps fans of cowboy verse connected through a roundup of CDs, newsletters, public readings, and a heckuva lot more. Git along, rhymin' doggies!
Oh, give me a—Who's eatin' beans?