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Beach, Lake & Pool
Get wet, have fun, be safe
by Donal Hinman

It's hot. It's like Africa hot. So, cooling off probably means heading out to the beach, lake, or swimming pool. Before you do, let's brush up on some swimming and water sports safety...

Safety FirstSun ProtectionFinally, the Fun

Video Fun Box - Windows
I'm ready for my close up
Video Fun Box is a video titling package that includes a wide range of fully customizable digital video effects. Creating breathtaking 3D titles is easy with Video Fun Box. By harnessing the full power of your PC's graphics hardware, Video Fun Box creates beautiful animated 3D titles and special effects in real-time.
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Game: Lightning's Shadow - Mac
Monks gone wild!
In Lightning's Shadow you control a powerful monk who hurls fireballs, lightning bolts and ice shards at your offenses or at the AI. It works with multiple players on the same computer, or over the Internet.
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Hanging Rabbit
Determination vs. Distraction
Fear not, rabbit lovers; you'll find no bunnies ascending the gallows here. Rather, this site presents one very tenacious carrot lover who imagines your cursor to be a beta-carotene snack. Try and shake him; you'll only resign in grudging admiration of his hoppity chutzpah.
Desire shackles us all

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Free PC Check Up
In just minutes, PC Pitstop will safely test the health, configuration and performance of your computer. Receive a free custom report that details potential problems with your system, including tips for making your PC faster and safer.

New at EarthLink
Introducing the EarthLink Security Center
Does your PC make the grade?
We've partnered with many of the top names in online security—and added our own security expertise—to launch what we think is one of the best, most comprehensive security site on the Web. The EarthLink Security Center offers up-to-the-minute security news and alerts; unbiased, expert advice; downloads of all the top-rated security freeware and software; plus a FREE PC Security Check that provides an overall security score and offers detailed recommendations to help you enhance your security.
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  • Threat Meter
  • Security 101 Glossary
  • Software and Reviews
  • News and Blogs

Visit the EarthLink Security Center regularly and we'll keep you informed about the latest online risks.
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Need an opinion?
With polls on just about everything—sports, entertainment, politics, and more—BuzzDash lets you keep your finger on the pulse of public opinion. You can even start your own polls to measure issues that matter to you. And it's more convenient than a soap box.
Not just for busy bees

Groovy Green
Saving the world is suddenly cool
A local site with a global perspective, Groovy Green offers information about environmental consciousness. There's also a breaking news section to keep you updated on cool new developments and trends in the green community.
Sustainable surfing

New 7 Wonders
Build it and they will vote
Out with the ancient world, in with the new. Check out the results of this international survey to choose the new 7 wonders of the world—from the Great Wall of China to the Taj Mahal in India. Plus, you can vote on the 7 wonders of nature.
Sorry, Colossus of Rhodes

Bicycle Universe
All bikes, all the time
Who knew there was so much to know about bicycles? Well, apparently these nice folks at Bicycle Universe do. They provide tons of free information about equipment, safety, laws, history, and more.
Keep on pedaling