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  • The Wide World of Weird Sports
    By Tim Connolly

    Yearning to give your marriage a lift? Then grab the 'ol ball and chain and head north to Sonkajärvi Finland for the annual Wife Carrying Championship! (110lb minimum for the ladies)

    Sandboarding...It's like snowboarding, only… Well, you get it. Bring your own 4-wheel-drive chairlift.

    For OCD and/or assorted military types, Extreme Ironing might be your call to arms. Too spiffy? Then why not don a face mask and explore the dark depths of rural runoff, aka Bog Snorkeling! Too sensible? Maybe Cheese Rolling is your thing—race a cheese wheel (and fellow cheese chasers) down a steep incline without breaking your neck—blimey, what fun!

    Don't call it a kid's game at the annual World Rock Paper Scissors Championships in Toronto—not unless you're ready to throw down "old school."

    Camel Wrestling is described as "gentle" and "bloodless." However, spectators are cautioned about "flying camel saliva." Wear a raincoat.

    When you think of Irish Hurling, you probably conjure an unpleasant scene in the wee hours after a Saint Patrick's Day parade. A lot you know… This ancient hockey-like Gaelic sport dates back 2,000 years!

    New Zealand
    Speaking of about climbing inside of a giant inflatable ball—a "zorb" to be specific—then rolling over hill and dale! It's called Zorbing, and the sport's creators claim that even with over 1,000,000 "Zorbonauts" so far, not one has lost their lunch. Top that, NASA!

    Add an inflatable playing surface and built-in trampolines to a volleyball court and you get Bossaball, where even shorties can slam a monster spike (before gravity steals the show). If that sounds too tame, then how about a game of Elephant Polo (point deductions for being stepped on)!  Sepak Takraw is like hackey-sack with a net between two teams—as if it isn't hard enough to keep a ball in the air with your foot!

    And that's just a few destinations across the world of unusual sports. Try a Google™ search from your myEarthLink start page and find even more!