Issue #124, June 18, 2007

Use the Internet to Get Smarter
Find a Web site for every interest
By Chan Park

With the Web at our fingertips—and some clever search tools—each of us are now practically geniuses. Who needs a photographic memory when you can look things up in an instant? We have access to a multitude of resources online—the greatest library imaginable—about every topic under the sun.
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Social Networking Web Sites & Secrets
The Ups and Downs of Sharing Your Thoughts Online
by Phillip White

It started with your MySpace or Facebook page, where you would spend hours exchanging messages, photos, and video clips with your close friends. Next, you wrote an album review on iTunes, and discovered a forum for home theater lovers. Before you knew it, you had an “online presence”—a new way to keep in touch with old friends and find new friends you’d never meet in person.

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Game: Ricochet Lost Worlds — Windows
Breaking down the walls
Ricochet Lost Worlds is one of the most addictive, action-packed breakout games ever made. There's a whole slew of innovative power-ups, a new Ring Game and a level editor where you can make your own levels and create an unbeatable combination. Now, go break some bricks!
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Note-it Express — Mac
Musical note to self...
Note-it Express allows you to easily and efficiently create an iPod note without having to go through the hassle of using a text editor. Cut out the middleman, add your notes, get your iPod...go.
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Dull Men's Club
Rolling down the aisle
For anyone who’s ill at ease in this age of extreme sports and ubiquitous energy drinks, this site is like a cool breeze in hell. Read posts from men who like to watch clothes dry or batteries charge, or about a guy who really likes Parsley!
Don't go changin'—really


Houses of the Future
Homes, sweet homes
So what if they don’t include your own personal “Rosie”—the Jetsons’ good-natured, frilly-aproned robot housekeeper. These six futuristic houses are light years ahead of their time in their innovative use of environmentally sustainable materials, rainwater recycling, solar panels, and overall coolness.
Meet George Jetson...

Hybrid Cars
Making the switch
With all the chatter about escalating gas prices (and all the missing cash in your bank account), you might be considering trading in your SUV for a cost-efficient hybrid. Check out this comprehensive site about hybrid news, mileage comparisons, buying guides—and for the tech-wary, reasons why you might not want to buy.
Take a right turn

Aquarium Cam
Watch your web-footed friends
Couldn’t you use some more penguins in your life? Take a well-deserved break from your busy day and check in on these adorable arctic creatures on the Penguin Cam. Then visit some of the other aquarium cams—sea otters, an underwater kelp forest, and more—courtesy of the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
See some sea life

No one belongs here more than you
One writer's Web site
What do you do after you write a book? You write on your kitchen appliances, naturally. Writer, filmmaker, and artist Miranda July proves the pen is mightier than the kitchen knife as she introduces her book and her self in an unforgettably creative way. Plus, you’ll learn that stovetops are better notepads.
Writer's block or butcher block?

Asia for travelers, by travelers
If your idea of a relaxing 5-star holiday includes a loose plan and the night sky, we’ve got the travel site for you. offers insightful, organized travel and backpacking information for Asian destinations, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and more—including preparation guides, guesthouse reviews, discussion forums, and general advice from other adventurers.
Hit the road

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