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Family-Friendly Road Trips
Take the kids and pets, but leave the stress
By Armeen Youssefian

This summer load up the station wagon and hit the road with the kids, dogs�and maybe even the family cat. With a little pre-trip online exploration, you can plan a family-friendly vacation everyone can enjoy. And "everyone" can include you for a change. Imagine that!


Planning your trip Kid-friendly destinations TRAVELING WITH FIDO

Planning your tripPet-friendly destinations

How to Store and Transfer Files in a Flash (Drive)
By Jennifer Cobb
They're compact, they're portable, and they're user-friendly. Flash drives make it easy to transport and transfer files from one computer to another. This issue's tech tip explains what you need to know to use these handy devices. Read the full article...

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Microangelo Toolset — Windows
Make your own icons
Microangelo Toolset is a simple but powerful tool for making custom icons and cursors. With it you can create and edit icons and cursors, and also find and manage icons already in your system. It's your desktop, so why not create your own look?
Learn more and download today...

Game: Lux Delux — Mac
Conquer the world!
Lux Delux is a game of strategy and domination inspired by the board game Risk. Control your armies to conquer and hold strategic countries on the map. The object of the game is simple: Take over the entire world!
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Toilet Paper Wedding Gowns
Rolling down the aisle
Suffice it to say, when these brides get cold feet and lock themselves in the bathroom, they'll have plenty to absorb their anxiety-wrought tears. One question, though: Is that blushing bride, or flushing bride?
Lift the two-ply veil


Stolen ID Search
Your information is out there
Every day thousands of Social Security and credit card numbers are revealed online where fraudsters can find them. Here's a simple, free way to check if your personal information has been compromised. It's safe, well-regarded, and free.
Avoid compromise

Game: Magic Ball 3
Break out of boredom
If you like break-out games, this cool 3D adventure is just the ticket. With 80 spectacular levels, you'll find more than enough challenge to keep you going.
Take me out to the magic ball game

Big Car, Small Car
A matter of perspective
How's this for a hobby? Compare model cars with real ones using a technique called forced perspective to make them look the same size. Then take pictures. Amazingly, there are photos of these model cars from around the world.
Sub-subcompact cars

Give yourself a face lift
Ever wondered how you'd look with someone else's eyes or nose? This site uses advanced algorithms to digitally transplant features from one face to another. Try it on you own face or choose from a gallery of celebrity photos.
Quality face time

Free Garageband loops
An online community for fans and users of Apple's Garageband songwriting software. There are thousands of loops you can use to create your own music, and you can even upload your own loops and songs to share with the world.
Find your groove

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