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Using the Web to Cut Everyday Costs
How to surf and save
By Tim Connolly
Why pay more than you have to? Especially when the Internet offers so many cost-cutting opportunities. Even better, we've done some the work for you—so you'll save valuable time along with saving dollars. Good deal! Read the full article...

Make a PC-to-TV Connection
by Dinos Lambropoulos
More and more movies and TV shows are becoming available for download. But do you really want to watch them on a computer screen? Bring your movies into your living room, where they belong—connect your PC to your TV! Our tech tip tells you how.

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Technical Help from EarthLink
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Game: Cradle of Rome — Windows
Be an ancient architect
Now you really can build Rome in a day! With this cool puzzle game, you can go through more than 100 levels to build and design Great Caesar's ancient city. As a builder, you'll earn money and supplies to construct larger and larger buildings, and you'll see this magnificent city of antiquity grow and grow. Lots of bonuses and surprises along the way!
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TubeTV — Mac
TV on the go
TubeTV enables you to search for and save Google Video and YouTube videos in a format suitable for playback on your Apple TV or Video iPod. Once converted just double-click the files to open them in iTunes, allowing you to sync to your device. Or, just drag and drop to open with QuickTime Player.
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Missing Fingers
Celebrating celebrities devoid of digits
So what do Daryl Hannah, Kojak, and Chandler Bing from "Friends" all have in common? Well, if you read the title of this section, you'll know good and well it's what they don't have that matters to us. Check out this list of famous folk who still managed to make their mark with missing or damaged digits.
Witness the fingerless


New from Helio—the Ocean™
The ultimate mobile experience

Introducing Ocean, the world's first dual-slider with a numeric keypad and a full QWERTY keyboard in a single device. It's the ultimate messaging and social networking tool, bringing together all the ways you communicate now: voice calling, IM, text messages, picture messages, and email from all major portals and ISPs—including EarthLink email—all powered by a super-fast 3G network!

Ocean also delivers over-the-air music downloads, video-on-demand, high-resolution camera, Web browser, GPS-enabled Google Maps™, and Buddy Beacon™, plus a high-resolution QVGA screen, stereo speakers, and Bluetooth® to enjoy it all. Helio's simple All-In Membership Plans give you unlimited data, no hidden charges, and a Total Happiness Guarantee.

To order Ocean, call 1.800.575.9960 or click here to learn more.

Visual Blogging
One shot, two shot...
Two photographers separated by 3,191 miles post a daily image, forming a kind of online postcard for each other and the world. Add your own comments to this study of a cool aesthetic and minimalist beauty.
Shutterbugs with style

Lonely Planet TV
Travel via video
Check out someone's video travel diary from their safari in Kenya. Or, see the view of Paris from the ascent of the Eiffel Tower. Wherever folks like to travel and bring along their video cameras, chances are you can find it here!
Battery charged for the Sahara

My Medical Control
Healthy savings
It's a fact for us all: medical costs are out of control. Now you can fill up on tips and helpful (as well as healthful) information on how to cut those costs without sacrificing on good healthcare.
Open up and say...ahh

Modern Mechanix
Nuts & bolts of yesteryear
This blog celebrates ingenious contraptions and once-popular science of the past century. Learn about prismatic spectacles for reading in bed, propeller-driven monorail cars, giant wind turbines, and more.
Better-built mousetraps

Mr. Bill
Ohh nooo!
Of all the great comic artists from the original Saturday Night Live cast who have carved out enduring careers, there's only one who literally hasn't aged a day. But he has been squished a few thousand times!
Right, Sluggo?

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