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  • Using the Web to Cut Everyday Costs
    How to surf and save
    by Tim Connolly
    Looking for a place to start your bargain hunting? Simply click Shopping on your myEarthlink start page for easy access to a world of comparison shopping. We'll help you find the lowest prices on virtually anything you could want.

    For tips on saving every day, check out 25 Ways to Cut Costs on Just About Everything from AARP Magazine (it's not just for grandparents anymore). You'll find useful tips, such as taking a class at your local community college (for as low as $35 a semester) to gaining regular access to the gym—saving an average of $255 annually over a regular gym membership!

    Online Coupons
    Your Sunday paper isn't the only place to get money-saving coupons. Coupon Cabin has been mentioned in USA Today and ABC's Good Morning America as a terrific source for the Web's best-kept secret—online coupon codes. The site's staff gathers money-saving codes from across the Web (more than 700 online retailers at last count), then offers them to you—free. Just enter the appropriate code at your next online checkout and save!

    If you're the tactile type, lets you print traditional coupons—just like in your Sunday paper—directly from your PC! Get coupons for groceries, gardening, beauty supplies, pet food; it's all here! describes itself as a "shopping search engine and community" with the goal of helping users find the best deals. Enter the product you're looking for, and Clipfire will comb its database of deals submitted by shoppers like you!

    Maybe you'd like to save money and support the folks at your local "brick and mortar" establishments. offers a way to locate great deals right in your neighborhood—just click on your city and watch the bargains appear!

    Travel for less
    The Internet has made finding low airfares easier than ever, so why not make it work for you? A great place to start is the EarthLink Travel Channel. Search for discount flights, hotels, rental cars, and vacations or take advantage of one of our hot travel deals.

    Travelocity Farewatcher® automatically tracks the best round-trip fares for up to five city pairs for as long as you want, notifying you automatically of any fare changes. Orbitz Deal Detector™ offers a similar service, notifying you by email when a fare drops to your pre-set price range.

    Most people wouldn't consider a luxury vacation to be an "everyday cost," but who wouldn't jump at the chance if the price was right? Luxury Link auctions first-class getaways to the finest resorts in North America, Europe, the Caribbean, and all over the world! You can also choose the "Buy Now" function to skip the auction process and buy the discounted trip of your dreams today!

    Before you go, check out 51 Ways to Cut Vacation Costs by National Geographic Traveler for up-to-date saving strategies on trips both foreign and domestic.

    Save on car costs
    Probably the biggest expense most of us deal with, after the mortgage or rent, has four wheels attached. Buying a car is one of the few areas where the consumer still has the power to bargain, and arms you with the knowledge to save big. Though it looks text-heavy, there's hardly a wasted word anywhere on this site—just plenty of real-world wisdom on how to get the car you want at a fair price.

    With the price of gas nearing that of fine wine, we could all use some relief. features links to find the cheapest gas in your area, as reported by your fellow commuters. It also offers tips on how to drive for better fuel efficiency, as well as the truth about MPG ratings, and lots more.

    Looking for a place to start your bargain hunting? Just click Shopping on your myEarthlink start page or easy access to a world of comparison shopping. We'll help you find the lowest prices on virtually anything you could want.