Issue #121, May 7, 2007

Other Office Suites
Alternative productivity tools
By Donal Hinman

Because Microsoft dominates this market so completely, you may not have known that there's a wide variety of alternative office programs—you know, word processors, spreadsheet editors, presentation programs, and so on—that can do the job for you. Economy-sized, desktop or Web-based, even free. And for your convenience, we've made several of the best just a click away!

Free Desktop & Web-based Office Suites Commercial Desktop Office Suites Free Stand-Alone Programs

Say Hello to the NEW myEarthLink start page!

Meet the new myEarthLink—completely redesigned with you in mind. We gave it a cleaner, easy-to-manage look that makes it quick and easy to access all your important online information. The new myEarthLink is the perfect place to start your Internet experience. And best of all, it's FREE!

Searching Made Simple... Our collection of search tools allows you to directly search the most popular sites on the Web—Expedia, Amazon, eBay, and more—all from one convenient location. Customize your search to include whatever Web sites you use the most. You can also use our advanced search tools to perform a detailed, site-specific, search directly from your home page!

Content Control... View all of the online content that's important to you—news, entertainment and shopping—in one easy-to-manage location. And it's simple to customize your news and updates by adding content feeds from your favorite news sources and blogs using our Reader application. Scan headlines quickly or just click on a link to dig deeper. It's online content done your way.

Even more enhancements are on the way—including options to personalize your start page, and the ability to create, store, and share content with your friends and family!

Try the new myEarthLink today!

Three Paths to Your Own Web Site

By Dinos Lambropoulos
So, you know you can build your own Web site, and maybe you've seriously considered it. But maybe you're wondering, "Where do I start?" This issue's tech tip offers three ways you can go about the job, depending on how much time and effort you want to put into it. Pick the path you feel most comfortable with and start building!

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Technical Help from EarthLink
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TextAloud — Windows
Listen to your documents
TextAloud is a text-to-speech program that uses voice synthesis to convert text into spoken audio. Listen on your PC or create MP3 or WMA files for use on portable devices like iPods, PocketPCs, and CD players. You can open Word, PDF, and HTML files directly in TextAloud and, hands free, simply listen.
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GalCon — Mac
It's my planet! Mine!
GalCon is a real-time strategy game in which you try to acquire your enemies' planets before they get yours. Just when you think you've converted the most planets to green, suddenly your enemy has changed them back to red! Play against the computer or with other players online.
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Warp Celebrities
The rich and famous at your mercy
Your favorite celebrities are warped—literally. Just choose a picture from the pantheon of famous, not-so-famous, and downright obscure poseurs, and then click and drag on their faces to reshape their features. It's silly. It's fun. It's warped.
A facelift only a mother could love


Tasty roadside adventures
You may think the only place for a 72-ounce steak is on the cow. But if you're on the road, hungry for a great regional meal (and a little adventure), let this site be your pre-road-trip appetizer. You'll find all kinds of "non-franchised, sleeves-up food" along American highways, small towns, and city neighborhoods.
Hit the road, Jack

Photographing Turnstiles
Making ordinary extraordinary
See how an artful photograph can transform something as ordinary as an individual walking through a subway turnstile into a subtle yet thought-provoking statement of our collective human experience. Then you might stop to wonder how much time photographer Bill Sullivan must've spent hiding in subway stations.
Say cheese!

Mysteries of Deep Space
From the Big Bang to last Tuesday
We know what you've been pondering since breakfast: at exactly what point in the history of the universe did gravity amplify slight irregularities in the density of primordial gas? Ponder no more, Baby Einstein. This interactive timeline of the history of the universe (and companion site to the PBS program) should clear everything right up.
Dinosaurs, pulsars, and stars, oh my!

Radiation Calculator
How radiant are you?
Just how much radiation are you exposed to on a yearly basis—and should you be worried? Stop grinding down those porcelain crowns, turn off your TV, step away from the X-ray machine, and take this simple questionnaire from the Environmental Protection Agency to calculate your radiation dose, stat!
Get that healthy glow

Real Simple
Simplifying your life
This companion site to the popular magazine offers all the fantastic features you'll find in print—plus some Web exclusives. Explore organization and cleaning tips, innovative seasonal recipes, beauty and fashion fixes, and smart shortcuts to make your everyday life just a little easier.
Easy does it

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