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Eco-Friendly Gardening
Bring your garden to life this spring
By Armeen Youssefian
Nurture more than your garden this spring. It's easier than you might think to create and maintain a garden that uses natural resources in a sustainable way, welcomes native plants and wildlife, and creates a more serene, environmentally friendly retreat for you and your family. Now's the perfect time to go green!

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EarthLink DSL & Home Phone Service
Save with phone and Internet service in one easy bundle!
Residents in a dozen U.S. cities have been quick to take advantage of our innovative and money-saving EarthLink DSL & Home Phone Service. This easy and affordable communications solution is taking off with savvy consumers eager to save on high-speed Internet and phone service in one low-cost package. Plus, there's no phone company required!

For just $49.95/month you get all this:
  • High-speed Internet access at 1.5Mbps—with speeds up to 8.0Mbps available (faster than cable!) in our Unlimited Premium plan.

  • 500 minutes per month of local and long-distance calling anywhere in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. Unlimited calling plans also available!

  • Premium calling features—such as voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting, and more—included at no extra charge.

  • No special equipment needed—works with all your regular home phones and jacks.

  • No VoIP limitations—your home phones will still work during power outages or broadband service disruptions.

Learn more and check serviceability.

Tags and Tagging
By John Nolt
Ever find yourself digging through mounds of old files to find that one picture of you and your buddy Enos at the demolition derby that one time? Well, stop digging and start tagging: it's the latest tool to help you make sense of your computer and the Internet.

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Technical Help from EarthLink
  • Free EarthLink software: Our latest TotalAccess software helps you avoid connection problems and helps block online threats like viruses, spyware, and scams. Download today!
  • Need help right now? Try trading real-time messages with EarthLink Tech Support.

Plain wrap word processor
For those who like their writing applications button-down and simple, Dark Room is a full-screen, distraction-free writing environment. Unlike standard word processors bogged down with buttons, menus and other features, Dark Room is just about you and your text.
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OSX SkyFighters 1945—Mac
Fly with the best
Join the other aces in WWII sky battles with OSX SkyFighters 1945. This is a preview version of a new flight simulator game that features online play and a mission builder. Fly against computer AI aircraft, or against others over a network. You can even create custom paint jobs for your aircraft.
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Piano-Playing Cat
Play it again, Fluffy
Here's one cool cat that really knows how to tickle those ol' eighty-eights. With her two front paws, some whiskers and drool, Nora (not Jones) lays down some mellow licks on the keys with tunes old and new. Enjoy.
Kibble in the tip jar


People-to-people lending
Forget the bank. This Web site matches up prospective lenders and borrowers by allowing regular people to post how much they're looking to borrow or lend and at what interest rate. Pound of flesh not included.
Live long and...well, you know

Look at the world differently
Fuzzy economist Steven D. Levitt observes the world through fish-colored glasses—with head-scratching and often hilarious insights about everyday things around us.
Upside down logic

Weird Things in Space
Mysteries from above
Think things are strange on planet earth? Well, check out the freakish and bizarre far above our heads. This site features the top ten weird wonders of outer space—from black holes and brown dwarfs to electrostatic levitation.
Don't look up in anger

Hacking Knowledge
77 ways to improve your brain
Ever wish you were smarter? Learned faster? Understood more? These tips may not turn you into Einstein but they might help nudge up your IQ. From improving your health to practicing a wide range of techniques, make the most of your gray matter.
Feed your brain

Video search engine
So much video online. So little time. With the explosion of sites that host short films, home video, and television clips, there was bound to be a way to search for things that interest you. This site lets you search for video content and create personal TV channels.
Watch life pass you by

EarthLink Offers

EarthLink High Speed—now as low as $12.95/mo.
Get going with a great deal on our High Speed DSL 1.5 (that's up to 25x faster than dial-up) starting at just $12.95/mo. for the first 6 months (and only $29.95 after that)! Free anti-virus and firewall—plus so much more!
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EarthLink Protection Control Center—FREE!
Don't miss out on this powerful protection from viruses, spyware, and hackers all from one convenient place on your desktop. It's FREE for EarthLink members!
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Free PC Check-Up
In just minutes, PC Pitstop will safely test the health, configuration, and performance of your computer. Receive a free custom report detailing potential problems with your system, including tips for making your PC faster and safer.


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