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Using the Web to Whip Bad Habits
For health and peace of mind
By Tim Connolly
Like tooth decay, bad habits only get worse when ignored. It begins with a little midnight snacking or the occasional cigarette—then before we know it we�re in full-blown denial, followed by hand-wringing and broken pledges, culminating in varying degrees of the dreaded "shame spiral." So, let the Web help you do something good for yourself—today! Read the full article...

Introducing the HeatTM
The latest device from HelioTM
Want the ultimate mobile experience? The sleek, stylish Heat delivers a fresh mix of smart design and advanced technology. Smooth as glass with a minimalist face and slender silhouette, Heat features an innovative electrostatic touchpad with customizable sensitivity (super, high, medium, low) for navigation using simple finger taps.

Heat also has built-in GPS capabilities with access to maps, directions, and traffic from Google MapsTM. And the cool Buddy BeaconTM feature lets you broadcast your GPS location to your friends, and vice versa. You'll always know where you're headed and who's around.

And like all Helio devices, Heat hooks you up to the mobile Web using our advanced 3G network. Download music, videos, TV clips, 3D games, and more. With the high-resolution QVGA display with landscape mode and stereo Bluetooth® support, you get safe, hands-free calling, plus the ultimate portable music experience.

Limited-time offer—Save up to $200 on Helio through March 31!

Sign up online or call 1.866.383.3084 and mention this promotion to learn more.

Style Advisor — Windows
Do your own 'DO
With Style Advisor, all you need is your scanned or digital photo to help sculpt a makeover image. See how you'd look with a new hair style, change your hair color, or add makeup and accessories. Then you can save the results in a project file to print or do further modifications with graphic formats.
Learn more and download today...

Clubhouse Mini-Golf — Mac OS X
Mini-Caddy not included
Most people think of miniature golf as windmills and obstacles, but it has evolved far beyond that to a recognized sport of its own. Clubhouse Mini-Golf provides a park-like setting for the whole family to enjoy. You'll be surrounded by a lush, botanical garden setting with sand, vegetation and rock sculpturing. It will get you ready for the real thing.
Learn more and download today...

Festival of felines!
You may recall dogster, a Web site we highlighted in a previous issue of eLink. Now you cat lovers have a Web table leg to rub up against! Enjoy all the same features as dogster but with cats: photo galleries, forum, videos, share stories�and you don't have to do walkies!


Web Mail Blog
Find answers to your Web Mail questions
EarthLink Web Mail is one of the safest, most efficient and flexible ways to manage and store your email—at home or from any online computer. And the new EarthLink Web Mail Blog is a great place to go if you have any questions about protection, new features, updates, or bugs. Or maybe you just want some quick expert tips.

Start with the FAQ for answers to common questions. Check out Plans to stay up on improvements coming your way. And Tips & Tricks will turn you into a savvy Web Mail user in no time.

Your feedback really matters. If you've got questions, comments, or suggestions about Web Mail, this is the place to participate. Our Email Guy—the man behind the Web Mail Blog curtain—is there to help.


Moon Gazing
Lunar Eclipse photo gallery
A total lunar eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon. And if you didn�t catch a glimpse of the one "phenomenizing" your night sky on March 3rd, fortunately a few other people caught it for you. Gaze upward at this gallery of the Earth casting its shadow over the surface of the Moon.
To the moon, Alice!

Speech Accent Archive
Do you speak American?
You can probably separate a Staten Island from a South Carolina. But can you detect the difference between a British Manchester and an Oxford? With this fascinating sound file archive of speech accents from around the world, you can explore unique accents and delve into your own linguistic study.
So many ways to say...everything

Food, drink, fun!
Whether you eat to live, live to eat, or just want to find a tasty spot for lunch—this site has whipped together all kinds of recipes, menus, restaurant suggestions, cooking tips, resources, and more for the "Foodie" in all of us.
Grab a quick bite right now!

Clumsy Crooks
Outlaw fumbles for your amusement
Love to see the bad guys getting their just desserts? Then feast on this site dedicated to outrageous true stories, photos, mug shots, and more about bungled burglaries, scuffled shoplifting, and more messed-up misdeeds.
Witness the imperfect crime

Pig Latin Translator
AKA Igpay Atinlay Anslationtray
At last, an easy Pig Latin Translator tool for all your daily Pig Latin translating needs! You can finally impress the boss on your weekly Progress Report with your multi-language skills. Or learn how to sound tr�s international while ordering pork chops on your next date! Ethay ossibilitiespay areway endlessway.
Go English to Pig in a click

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PC FineTune
Did you know that issues other than spyware and viruses can slow down your computer? Get our new 1-click software that addresses the causes of normal, everyday use! It's the simple way to speed up your PC and get it running like new. Start your FREE 30-day trial!

EarthLink Family Content Bundle
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Free PC Check Up
In just minutes, PC Pitstop will safely test the health, configuration and performance of your computer. Receive a free custom report that details potential problems with your system and includes tips for making your PC faster and safer.

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