Issue #117, March 12, 2007

Buying a Home
What to know before you take the plunge
Buying a home is the biggest financial challenge most people ever face. Fortunately, you have a new ally on your side. With an unprecedented amount of real estate information now online, it�s possible to do a significant amount of homework without leaving the comfort of your own bedroom. Read the full article...

Browser Add-ons
by Dinos Lambropoulos
Is your Web browser missing a certain something? A feature that could really make it shine? Chances are someone has created a browser add-on just for people like you. This issue's tech tip introduces you to the mind-blowing array of add-ons you can install to enhance your Web-browsing experience—many of them available free of charge!

Read on...

Technical Help from EarthLink
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Game: Bookworm Adventures — Windows
Eat a good book
Brave reader, you must help Lex the Bookworm protect the Great Library by spelling words, so you can engage the enemy, vanquish villains, and defenestrate demons. Discover gems, potions, and treasures as you do battle in three enchanting storybooks. You'll build your vocabulary muscles (and maybe learn what defenestrate means)!
Learn more and download today...

Quicksilver — Mac OS X
Super-cool launcher
Upon opening it, Quicksilver has arranged in a catalog your applications, some frequently used folders, and documents. Just activate it and you can search for and open anything in the catalog instantly. And Quicksilver remembers which items you open frequently and offers them up as first choice. When not in use, Quicksilver vanishes from your desktop until the next time you need it.
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Crazy Thoughts
Never-ending questions dept.
Here's a cache of imponderable questions, stuff like: Do penguins have knees? If you pamper a cow, do you get spoiled milk? You know, the mental shavings you get from an evening of carving away at a block of insomnia. And it's strangely addictive.
Why is there air?


EarthLink Tax Center
Basics, Tips & Forms
Are you ready for tax day? To help you get there, we've recently updated the EarthLink Tax Center. Helpful features include daily tax tips, checklists, a vast selection of printable federal forms and state forms, plus loads of information to help you maximize your returns...and minimize stress.

Need lots of help? Let our Tax Basics section walk you through the process, from withholdings to deductions to tax credits and more. Then visit the Tax Tips Guide and learn how to build a successful ongoing tax strategy, or delve into a tax topic in depth. And make sure you use our Tax Prep Checklist so you don�t overlook anything important.

Start today and get better understanding and control of your finances and taxes with EarthLink Tax Center.


Presidential Doodles
Reagan drew hearts?
Some see these scribbles as a subtle Rorschach test able to reveal more about the holders of America's highest office than any memoirs or second-hand history books. Others see them as a humanizing bridge spanning time and world events. Cast your vote...
Hail to the Chief!

Hairstyles Gallery
Gwyneth and Reese go Rapunzel-chic...
If the Oscars wetted your appetite for glamorous hair, now you can feed your need for extensions, highlights, and more at this photo archive featuring over 13,000 'dos. Search by color, shape, texture, and more; then save your favorites in your own hair gallery!
Will a mullet bring out my eyes?

Destroy any Website
Cyber-vandalism, minus the Feds...
Nothing is destroyed for real, of course. Just a cathartic simulation. Enter the address of a Web site you loathe; then choose from a palette of destructive effects, including "Flamethrower," "Bird Poop," "Land Mines," or our favorite, "Acid."
Ahh... Good times.

Bananas in Pajamas
Because bananas need sleep too...
Fans of the children's TV show can follow the antics of mischievous bananas "B1" and "B2" at this site filled with fun games, stories, "goodies," and even a gallery of viewers' artwork. Click on the Guestbook to send a message of your own!
Peel out!

Pet IQ Test
Is there a Dog MENSA?
You've been bragging to your friends for years about how smart your dog is... Now you�ll finally have proof! Print this quick canine SAT and show the world what you and Rover already know. High score goes on the refrigerator!
Bowl is to eating, as toilet is to...

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