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  • EarthLink Protection Control Center
    by Robert Levy & John Nolt
    By now, you've probably heard about EarthLink's free Protection Control Center, which fights viruses, spyware, and other electronic baddies. (Don't know what I'm talking about? Check out our previous Security article to find out more.)

    Well, criminals never sleep, so EarthLink's techno-brains have been putting in some late nights themselves. The latest version of the Protection Control Center is available, and it's powerful, fast, and yes—still free for EarthLink Members.

    If you want to hike up your security another few notches, enable the Protection Control Center's optional "Attack Shield." Attack Shield is only $2.95 a month (or cheaper, if you sign up for a year), and it's unlike anything you've seen before.

    Get the New Version:
    To update from an older version of the Protection Control Center, click "Check for Updates" from the Summary screen and follow the instructions.

    Don't have an older version? Read all about it, and
    download the latest from EarthLink's Protection Control Center page.

    Get set up in a jiffy then take a breather, 'cause we've got your back.

    Now...what's this Attack Shield stuff?

    The Attack Shield Stuff
    Normally, security programs download updated files telling them about the latest viruses and how to kill them. But even while those files are being created, someone out there is developing nasty new viruses.

    Attack Shield is designed to combat the spyware and viruses that are so new that the security programs don't even know about them! Literally the same day that a virus is born, Attack Shield can neutralize it. This is called, "zero-day protection."

    How can it do that?
    Attack Shield watches for certain types of behavior by the programs that are running on your computer. If a program acts like it's spyware or a virus, it probably is spyware or a virus. When Attack Shield detects such behavior, you'll see an alert and have the opportunity to remove the offending program from your computer.

    Note that Attack Shield is additional security for your computer, boosting the power of the Protection Control Center's spyware and virus protection. If you've just got the Protection Control Center, you're protected pretty well. Attack Shield is for people who'd feel more comfortable with more protection.

    So, if you're feeling a little nervous about all the news about hackers, spyware, and the rest, EarthLink's Protection Control Center may be what you're looking for. Can't beat the price, and you'll rest a little easier knowing that you've got solid protection.

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