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Spreading Valentine's love on the Web
by Armeen Youssefian
Birds do it. Bees do it. Apparently, even educated fleas do it. I've never quite understood what smart fleas have to do with falling in love. But I do understand that love is indeed what makes the world—and the World Wide Web—go 'round. So, this Valentine's Day, join us as we venture online to make the most out of this most amorous holiday. Read the full article...

Anonymous Email Addresses
Now with 10 FREE aliases—for 2x the protection!
Like it or not, your email address is out there. Every time you register for a Web site, shop online, or post a message in an online forum, your email address could potentially be exposed to marketers, spammers, and even identity thieves.

That's why EarthLink now offers our members 10 free Anonymous Email Addresses—twice as many as before. Just register for your free anonymous email addresses and then use them anywhere you'd normally use your primary EarthLink email address.

Mail sent to your anonymous addresses go into custom folders conveniently accessible in your EarthLink email account (so there are no extra passwords to remember). Plus, you can delete an anonymous address anytime and replace it with a new one.

Just visit to sign up for your free Anonymous Email Addresses. Want more information? Read this previous In Focus article or listen to our podcast.

Protection Control Center
by Robert Levy & John Nolt
If the news of the latest virus or spyware makes you queasy, we may have the cure for your digital ills.

EarthLink's latest Protection Control Center is ready for action. It's faster, tougher, and includes an optional Attack Shield feature for extra protection that has no equal in anything we've offered before.

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Technical Help from EarthLink
  • Free EarthLink software: Our latest TotalAccess® 2005 software helps you avoid connection problems and helps block online threats like viruses, spyware, and scams. Download today!
  • Need help right now? Try trading real-time messages with EarthLink Tech Support.

Game: Outwit—Windows
Get smart!
Tired of the simple-minded trivia games with questions everyone already knows? They might be filled with cool graphics and images, but�no challenge, right? With Outwit, you get bare-bones graphics, multi-player functionality, and questions that require both sides of your brain. Less flash, more panache!
Learn more and download today!

Sidenote—MAC OSX
Note to self...
In the spirit of "Stickies," Sidenote provides a multi-document drawer that hides in the corner of your screen. Use it for all your daily notes, modify text, font, color. And, true to the world of Mac, you can use it to hold images and PDF files—and Sidenote automatically expands so you can easily drag them in. You can even print or export to .rtf.
Learn more and download today!

Cat's Back Alley
"Because I could not stop for mouse..."
Before you start hacking hairballs at the thought of "cat poetry," remember that even hard-drinking, fist-fighting poet Charles Bukowski published verse praising his beloved feline, as did hipster icon Jack Kerouac. So, give your gag reflex a rest; we won't tell.
What rhymes with meow?


New Attack Shield
Zero-day protection added to Protection Control Center
Every three minutes, a new form of malicious software is unleashed onto the Internet. Unfortunately, most traditional anti-virus and anti-spyware programs take days or even weeks to be updated with the latest definitions. So, most PC users aren't protected from the very latest threats. That's why EarthLink has added a cutting-edge layer of protection called Attack Shield to our advanced Protection Control Center.

The Protection Control Center's powerful AntiVirus, Spyware Blocker and Firewall tools already protect against known threats. With our new Attack Shield, you get an extra layer of constant, zero-day protection against unknown threats as well. Attack Shield can detect and block the very latest viruses and spyware, because it doesn't need to wait for updated definitions. This intelligent program constantly analyzes how your PC is working and guards against any malicious behavior it detects-whether or not your anti-virus and anti-spyware programs have been updated. So, you're never left vulnerable to fast-spreading new threats. EarthLink is proud to be the first ISP to offer this powerful zero-day protection. Start your free trial today!

Upgrade now to EarthLink Protection Control Center with Attack Shield! Free for the first month, then $2.95/mo. thereafter.

Show Jumping
Fun, free online game
Forget about your laser blasts, mutants, and exploding planets—this interactive game is truly down to earth. Indulge in equitation, the sport of royalty, the dream of young girls everywhere. Just you, a beautiful horse, a sunny day, and a challenging course.
Whoa, Nelly!

Presidential Libraries
National treasures
Through the portal of the National Archives online, visit the prestigious libraries and museums of past presidents: Reagan, Kennedy, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and more. Research, search for historic documents, enjoy.
Hail to the librarian

Normal Room
Uh, nice wallpaper
What does an ordinary dining room in Oslo look like? Or, how about a bedroom in Ames, Iowa? Finally, you can put to rest your curiosity about the d�cor of other people's homes by viewing these galleries of, well, normal rooms.
Don't wait for an invitation!

World Coins
Money makes the world go 'round
Ever seen a Kroner from Denmark? I'll bet you a Romanian Bani you don't know how many Indonesian Rupees make up 10 Turkish Lira. Doesn't matter—these coins of the world are just for looking, not exchange. Now, is it Euros or Gyros�?
Heads or tails?

Think you're up to it?
If you need some direction in your career, perspective on your relationships, or just learning a bit more about your level of self-confidence, this site is loaded with simple tests you can take to gain a little insight. What you do with it is up to you.
Find out about yourself...