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Using MindSpring
How to make free calls, IM, & more
by Chan Park
Perhaps you've heard about MindSpring? It's our free tool that lets you make unlimited, free PC-to-PC calls to anyone else using MindSpring, anywhere in the world. But how easy is MindSpring to use? The answer: it's a breeze. Check out these quick tutorials that answer any questions you may have.

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Connect to a Wireless Hotspot
By Robert Levy
Like a coffeehouse latt� while shopping online for the holidays? Or maybe you want to read some blogs while you wait for a plane? Wireless hotspots (locations providing wireless Internet access) are popping up all over, allowing you to connect from more and more places every day. If you've got a wireless card in your laptop, it's a great time to leave the house behind.

But how do you find these hotspots? And once you've found them, how do you actually get connected? This week's Tech Tip has the answer.

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Technical Help from EarthLink
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RSI-Shield —Windows
Take a break
You know you've been pounding away at your keyboard too long when your fingers turn red and your shoulders mummify. With RSI-Shield, you'll never get to that point again. Once installed, RSI-Shield tells you when to take a break and, more importantly, shows you exercises to keep your body and mind in the game.
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Game: American Hangman—MAC OSX
J—as in Jefferson
The rules are simple: just like regular hangman. So, what's new? With American Hangman, you're learning fun and valuable American history while you play, by way of cool graphics, images of presidents and other notables, digitized sounds and synthesized speech.
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Wooden Nickel
Grandpa wasn't making it up...
Learn about America's storied wooden nickel—first "minted" during the Great Depression when local banks failed—and order your own custom-made currency from San Antonio, TX, home of "The World's Biggest Wooden Nickel" as seen in Ripley's Believe it or Not!
Have money to burn!
Schmitty, The Real New Yorkie™ is a 5-pound Yorkshire terrier who appeared on The Ellen Show and ACCESS Hollywood to bark about her charity, DOGS WHO CARE™, to help pets in need. This holiday season, if you are looking for unique gifts that give back, sniff around Schmitty's Web site and order her 2007 calendar, holiday cards and other cool people & pet gifts. A portion of the proceeds goes to DOGS WHO CARE™. Schmitty is the little guy helping the little guy make a big difference!

First Jobs
Celebrity salad days
You never forget your first job (although some of us would like to). With this amusing time-waster, you try to match the celebrity with their maiden voyage in employment. You think Donald Trump started out with a paper route?
You want fries with that?

Guinness World Records
Fastest, biggest, weirdest
The world's greatest repository of pointless knowledge and bar bet fodder is now online. Who's jumped the highest, grown the longest hair, flown the fastest, eaten the most hot dogs, and more—it's all here.
Bet ya didn't know...

Game: Snowball Fight
Mittens on?
OK, like, it's winter—cool! Players are taking sides, and you're on the red team—yeah! Your job? Pummel the green team with as many snowballs as you can. Excellent! Woo-hoo! Now...go be a kid again.
You guys are gonna get snowed!

FBI Files
J. Edgar & you
Locked away for years and out of sight form the public, now you can search for and view real FBI files of celebrities, famous events, and unexplained phenomena. Not too sure about Jimmy Hoffa, but you're bound to be able to dig up some stuff on Elvis.
Flashlight on, Scully

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