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  • Tune in to TV Listings
    By Jennifer Cobb

    What makes myEarthLink's TV Listings different?

    You can:
    • Receive listings from your local Television provider: Simply enter your ZIP code, choose your provider and the type of service you have and find listings up to two weeks in advance!
    • Access your listings from anywhere: Your favorite shows are stored online, so they're available from any Web browser.
    • Get program recommendations from favorites you've set: Based on your preferences, we'll provide you with other recommendations and best bets—a great way to find new shows.
    • Search for your programs by name, channel, actor, or genre: It's easy to search for your favorite shows—even if you don't remember the name.
    • Stay up-to-date with breaking TV news from Hollywood: We're your one-stop source for everything entertainment.
    Ready to give it a try? It's easy . . . we'll show you how.

    Signing In and Getting Started
    When you're ready to get started with TV Listings, go to

    If you see a Sign In link at the top, click it and enter your EarthLink email address (or EarthLink ID) and your password.

    Setting Up TV Listings for the First Time
    In order to find personalized listings, you'll need to provide some information:
    1. Enter your ZIP Code and click Go! so myEarthLink can find the TV listings for your area.
    2. Choose your television provider from the Television Provider menu, and the device that matches your service (i.e., digital, or analog) from the Device menu.
      Note: If you're not sure what device you have, check with your television provider.
    3. Under Channel Lineup, click on a channel for which you'd like to receive listings from the Available Channels list and click the Add button. The channel will appear in the My Favorite Channels list. Continue adding channels you'd like to receive listings for.
    4. Select whether you'd like myEarthLink to display All Available Channels, All My Favorite Channels, the First 15 of My Favorite Channels, or the First 30 of My Favorite Channels.
    5. Select whether you'd like myEarthLink to display listings for Prime Time, or the Current Time.
    6. Click Submit.
  • Search TV Listings by entering a keyword and clicking Search. Click the Advanced Search link to narrow your search results. Choose a program genre (like "movies" or "sports"), and a subcategory (like "action" or "football").
  • Change the date and time of viewed listings by using the Date and Time menus—up to two weeks in advance!
  • Change the grid view automatically by clicking the Go To Prime Time button, or the Go To Current Time button.
  • Change the grid to show all available channels or more of your favorites by choosing your preference from the Display menu.
  • Add a program to your favorites by clicking in the upper-right corner of the listing (on the star icon). The program will be added to your favorites list and marked with a star.
  • The Favorites Tab
    Once you've marked programs as favorites in the Grid View, click the Favorites tab to see which ones are airing.

    From the Favorites tab, you can:
    • Change the date you're viewing listings for by choosing the date you want from the Favorites for menu—up to two weeks in advance!
    • Click on a program title to see a detailed description, including the episode name, rating, duration, cast members, and more.
    • See more than one listing of a program by clicking the show all programs link.
    • See a list of recommended programs based on your preferences—your favorite programs, channels, and actors.
    The Best Bets Tab
    Click the Best Bets tab to see a list of today's recommended programs and read their descriptions. Add a program to your favorites by clicking on the star icon. The program will be added to your favorites list and marked with a star.

    The TV News Tab
    Click the TV News tab to see the latest television news headlines. To read a news article, click on its headline.

    The Preferences Tab
    Click the Preferences tab to view your favorite shows, actors, and channels. You can also view keywords you have saved from previous searches.

    Click the Update Provider/Channel lineup button to change your provider's information.

    Adding TV Listings to myEarthLink
    Finally, to make accessing listings for your favorite shows easy, you can add the TV Listings feature to myEarthLink:
    1. Go to and sign in.
    2. Find the Add a Feature box and select TV Listings from the list.
    3. Click Add. The TV Listings feature will appear on your page.
    More help with adding TV Listings to myEarthLink is available.

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