Issue #111, December 04, 2006

Holiday Shopping S.O.S.
Online comparison-shopping, bargain hunting, gift ideas, and more!
by Armeen Youssefian
The holiday shopping season is officially here! If your heart just skipped a beat, we're here to offer a little cyber-CPR. With online shopping sites that can help you find great stuff, great deals, and discover great tools, your holiday shopping just might be (dare we say it?) fun!

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Tune in to TV Listings
New on myEarthLink
By Jennifer Cobb
Don't miss your favorite shows. myEarthLink's new TV Listings feature offers a convenient way to plan your TV viewing. Get local program listings on your start page—right next to today's news headlines and weather. Read the full article...

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Game: WarRock 1—Windows
Free multiplayer action
War Rock is a free multiplayer online game with first person shooter (FPS), with a variety enhancements available for a fee. Populated by thousands at any given time, WarRock 1 has customizable weaponry and vehicles, intuitive controls, and multiple battle modes. A blast for seasoned FPS veterans and first-timers alike.
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Google Earth—MAC OSX
Now you're going places!
Planning a road trip from Topeka, Kansas to Lima, Peru? Any map site can provide a map and directions, but Google Earth will actually show you the way, paved highways and all. Get the satellite view of the rooftops of London, the opera house in Sydney, anywhere. Start big (earth), go small (your backyard�seriously).
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Duck Travels
See "the world's best-traveled rubber duck" in this gallery chronicling the adventures of someone's bathtub buddy. Feel yourself actually become envious of a piece of molded yellow rubber, which has visited more of the world than you—someone who works and pays taxes.
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New from Helio—the Drift.
The coolest device, the hottest gift.
Introducing Drift from Helio—the coolest new mobile device this holiday season. Only EarthLink members get an exclusive $50 discount on this dream machine.

Drift features GPS-enabled Google™ Maps with detailed directions and real-time traffic, plus one-of-a-kind Buddy Beacon™, the new way to synch your social life. Built-in Bluetooth allows safe, hands-free calling, and Stereo Bluetooth provides the ultimate portable music experience. There's also a fully loaded 2MP camera with flash, zoom and video—including built-in Photo Studio for photo editing (plus, you can upload your pics directly to MySpace.)

The Drift is powered by a superfast 3G network, has loads of memory, supports 3D and multiplayer games, and features a big, beautiful color QVGA display. Helio's simple All-In Membership Plans give you unlimited data, no hidden charges, and a Total Happiness Guarantee.

To order Drift and save $50, call 1.800.575.9960. Or learn more at:
Preview our new FREE service!
Schmitty, The Real New Yorkie™ is a 5-pound Yorkshire terrier who appeared on The Ellen Show and ACCESS Hollywood to bark about her charity, DOGS WHO CARE™, to help pets in need. This holiday season, if you are looking for unique gifts that give back, sniff around Schmitty's Web site and order her 2007 calendar, holiday cards and other cool people & pet gifts. A portion of the proceeds goes to DOGS WHO CARE™. Schmitty is the little guy helping the little guy make a big difference!

Couch Surfing
Get cozy online
Come on in and set a spell. Chat and exchange messages and stories with your sofa host and meet their other guests as well. Or, play host and meet and introduce others with like interests. More than just another social network, Couch Surfing is connecting with people in a comfy (albeit virtual) environment.
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Global Rich List
Just how rich are you?
You probably don't know how rich you really are—but you're about to find out. Just enter your household income and see what percentage of the world's wealthy you fit in. You never knew you had it so good.
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Build a Snowman
Without the snow
What's better than going outside to the bitter cold and rolling up and decorating a snowman? Not going outside! But you can still build your own snowman—by the warm glow of your computer.
Pass the coal...
Get 3D on 3B
3B allows you to place any Web sites or photos into a personalized 3D space, your 3B village. You can use MySpace, Hi5 or Bebo pages or photos you've loaded onto any other Web service. Is the Net getting cooler and cooler, or what?
Pass the, uh, 3D thingy...

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