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Thanksgiving Traditions
Pilgrims, Plymouth & Poultry
by Donal Hinman
This time every year Americans get together with family and friends, sit down and carve a turkey, eat, drink & enjoy. Huzzah! But�what's it about, really? How did it all begin? Well, I got out my trusty blunderbuss (pilgrim gun: part rifle, part trumpet) and hunted down some links for answers. Happy Thanksgiving!

History & Tradition Thanksgiving Recipes Arts, Crafts, Games

Help with Passwords
For security & convenience
By Donal Hinman
Forgot your password and you can't get your email? Can't even start up your desktop? It happens to the best of us. To help you keep your cool (and keep you smilin' online), we collected a few tips on prevention and damage control. Technical Help from EarthLink
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Frostbow Home Inventory—Windows
Keep track & organize
Frostbow Home Inventory is a full-featured database program that helps you catalog, organize, and keep track of your household possessions. You can enter descriptive data on each item in your home inventory with accompanying photos and additional descriptions and comments.
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Classic Eastern puzzle
TaMiGoN is a unique logic puzzle game that blends the triangle and diamond shapes of Chinese Tangram puzzles with the color and shape-matching of modern action puzzles. So, what's the challenge? TaMiGoN uses a set of 400 different Tangram style shapes!
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Color Clouds
Sit back, relax, and take in some clouds
Nacreous clouds, if you don't know, are clouds in the winter polar stratosphere at altitudes of 50,000-80,000 ft. (Duh!) The important thing is that they're real, real purty. And this site treats you to a glorious gallery of them.

Unnatural Selection
Creative animal combinations
Leave it to "creative types" with time on their hands to create Photoshop images of morphed animals for our enjoyment. Cheetah dogs and zebra parrots are intriguing creatures perhaps Mother Nature should've considered. But there's something about a stars-and-stripes snake that is just wrong, people!
Strawberry Frogs Forever...

Table Tennis
Free, fun online game
This simple Shockwave game lets you partake in the competitive joys of table tennis (AKA Ping Pong) by barely lifting a finger. Think you've got what it takes to be a Ping Pong Star?
Move over, Forrest Gump

Time Zone Converter
When time is of the essence
What time is it in Tulsa when it's two in Timbuktu? No more adding or subtracting those pesky hours. Find out what time it is anywhere in the world in a click with this convenient tool.
Get in the zone

Etched in Time
Etch-A-Sketch Art
So, what happens when you combine an Etch-A-Sketch, a steady-handed guy named George, and 50-70 hours? You get an Etch-A-Sketch artistic masterpiece, that's what! Check out George's impressive Etch-A-Sketch gallery of celebrities and sports stars.

Alice in Wonderland
The director's cut?
There's always room for another take on this classic tale. This site boasts an animated, interactive version of Alice's adventures in Wonderland. As promotion for a new children's book, it's weird and wonderful enjoyment. For those who enjoy weird and wonderful.
Follow the white rabbit