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  • Not Your Average Newsreader
    By Jennifer Cobb

    Still visiting multiple Web sites every day to get the news you're interested in? There's the weather, the news, entertainment listings, and cousin Fred's travel blog, not to mention the countless sites you visit for work. Now there's a better way.

    Newsreaders (sometimes called news aggregators, or RSS Readers) help you keep up-to-date with all of your sources, including popular Web sites and blogs. Rather than going to each source, newsreaders bring the sources to you. Using the new myReader application from EarthLink, you can easily find the sources you're interested in and discover new sources.

    EarthLink's new myReader brings:
    • Access from anywhere: Your sources are stored online, so they're available from any Web browser.
    • Simplicity: Forget about the burden of sifting through hundreds of unread articles. With myReader, you'll only see the articles updated since your last visit!
    • Sharing & Collaboration: Read, save, and share content with others. You can also view the most popular users' sources—a great way to find new sites about topics you're interested in.
    • Integration: It's easy to import subscriptions from other newsreaders (like NewsGator or Bloglines).
    Ready to give it a try? It's easy . . . we'll show you how.

    Signing In and Getting Started
    When you're ready to get started with myReader, go to

    If you see a Sign In link in the upper-right, click it and enter your EarthLink email address (or EarthLink ID) and your password. (If the link says Sign Out, you're already signed in.)

    Next, take a look around the page:

    On the Left:
    Your list of sources—the places that have your favorite daily or weekly content, like news, blogs, photos, and even your favorite comic strips.

    There are four main views:
    • Your Sources: A list of all the sources you've added to myReader.
    • Recently Updated: A list that includes only the sources that have articles that have been updated since you last used myReader. At the top, you'll see the number of sources that have been updated followed by the list of sources.
    • Your Saved Articles: A list of all the articles you've saved. To remove an article from this list, click Remove.
    • Popular Sources: A constantly updated list that includes sources other myReader users have added to myReader.
    On the Right:
    The latest articles. Select a view or source on the left, and scroll through articles on the right. When you find something interesting, click the article to see more.

    Adding a Source
    You can add sources from our recommendations, or from anywhere on the Web. Click Add a Source.

    Searching for a source by keyword
    1. In the Search field, type a keyword (like "baseball"), or type a Web address (URL).
    2. Click Search.
    3. Under the Search Results, check the boxes next to the sources you'd like to add. You can preview the source by clicking on it.
    4. Click Add to my Sources.
    Want to make adding a new source even more convenient? Add new sources from your Web browser with our browser button/bookmarklet. Click here to add the browser button/bookmarklet to your toolbar. Simply drag the Add to myReader link to your Web browser's toolbar. The next time you visit a Web site with a source you'd like to add, click the button!

    Browsing Our List of Recommended Sources
    Not sure where to start? We've compiled hundreds of recommended sources in dozens of categories, so you can easily find the stuff you're interested in.
    1. Simply click through the categories to find available sources.
    2. Check the boxes next to the sources you'd like to add.
    3. Click Add Selected Source.
    Adding a Popular Source to Your Own List
    While browsing the Popular Sources list, seeing all the sources other myReader users have added, you'll almost certainly come across a source you'd like to add to your own list.

    To do so, just click the Add this source link at the end of the source's description.

    Importing Subscriptions from Other Readers
    If you're a newsreader veteran, you've probably already collected a number of sources. Never fear! You can import your current subscriptions from readers like Bloglines or NewsGator.

    First, follow the instructions in your reader to export your sources into an OPML file. Once you've signed in to myReader, click the Settings link at the top of the page, and then click Upload file.

    Saving and Sharing Articles
    When you find an article you're interested in, you may want to save it for later or share it with a friend. At the bottom of each article, you'll see additional options:
    • Save this article: Once you save an article, it will appear in Your Saved Articles list. To read an article you've saved, simply click on Your Saved Articles on the left-hand side of the page. The articles will be shown on the right in order of the most recently added.

    • Add to myFavorites: myFavorites is a new feature that allows you to take your Web browser bookmarks with you wherever you go. You can add a myReader source to myFavorites—allowing you to share it with friends, family, and coworkers. Check our previous tech tip for more about myFavorites.

    • Email: See an article you'd like to share with a friend? Click the Email link and your default email program will open, with the article appearing as a link within the email.
    Managing Your Sources
    myReader takes away the pain of managing your sources. Click the Manage Sources link to see how many sources you have, and how many have been updated in the last month. You can also edit the source information or remove the source from your list.

    To edit any of your sources (to change its name or description):
    1. Click the Edit link at the end of the source's description.
    2. Make your changes.
    3. Click OK.
    Customizing the View
    Don't like the source list on the left? With myReader, you can change your view.

    Click the Settings link at the top of your page, and select which side you'd like your sources displayed. You can also choose to view your article in long (full article) or short (brief article) form, and even choose to have the links open in a new browser window.

    Viewing myReader on myEarthLink
    Finally, to make accessing myReader easy, you can add the myReader feature to myEarthLink:
    1. Go to and sign in.
    2. Click the Edit this Page button at the top left to open the Add a Feature box, then select My Reader from the list.
    3. Click Add. The My Reader feature will appear on your page.
    More help with adding myReader to myEarthLink is available.

    We think myReader is a great new alternative to other newsreader applications, and we hope you do, too. Give it a try and let us know what you think. And if you'd like to keep up with the latest myReader developments, check out the myReader Product Blog.

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