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Winterize Your World
Getting ready for the cold months ahead
by Donal Hinman
The holidays are upon us and Jack Frost is gathering up his forces to create his winter wonderland´┐Żor possibly a terrible mess of your home. Don't get caught in the middle of the chill with repairs, replacements, and regrets. Get your home, garden, and family ready now—before it's too cold!

Winterize Your Home & Garden Winterize Your Ride Winterize Yourself

Not Your Average Newsreader
By Jennifer Cobb
Get instant access to the latest news and your favorite blogs—all in one place! Our new myReader feature is a fast and convenient way to receive updates from thousands of sources. Instead of going to each Web site to look for what's new, myReader saves you time by collecting all your updates, either in myReader or on myEarthLink, with the rest of your personalized features. Read the full article...

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Game: 10 Talismans—Windows
Magical journey, magical items
Legend says if one has all 10 Talismans, then wisdom, power, and fortune will be theirs. Well, maybe. One thing for sure is your journey through the ancient East in search of the magical Talismans will be filled with beautiful locations, challenging puzzles and mystery!
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Relaunch—MAC OSX
Keep control of your session
Say you've got a desktop full of running programs, work's gotta get done, but suddenly you've got a software update that requires a restart. No problem. Relaunch lets you to take a snapshot of your running applications and launch them automatically when you next login or reboot.
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Just you, your mouse, and your muse
With just some movement of the mouse, you can create your own Jackson Pollock masterpiece—no paint, brushes, or tortured soul required. Hint: Click your mouse to change colors!
To the blank canvas!

Career Quiz
What do you really want to do?
Still don't know what you really want to do with your life? Finishing high school, getting ready for college, or just plain burned out on your job? Take this quick quiz and learn what kind of career best suits your personality. You might just be amazed with the results.
Number 2 pencils ready?

Badminton Central
All badminton, all the time
Yes! The cutthroat, fast-paced game of badminton! Now you sports nuts can get all the details you need about badminton tournaments, techniques, rankings, players, equipment—and even talk badminton in the forums.
What's that racket?

Dive, eat, evolve
Dreamy, intuitive, even beautiful, Flow is a FREE online "game" on par with Zen rock garden raking. Make your creature eat and evolve as you dive and float through space. Caution: play too long and your brain might turn into gelatinous goo.
Go with the Flow.

Cassette Generator
Make your own virtual cassette
You've probably thought up a dozen fake band names. Now see how they look on an imaginary cassette! Just enter your band name, album, and producer credit, and press a button. You'll instantly get your own custom Jpeg images to keep or send to friends.
Rock and roll!

Wrecked Exotics
Beautiful crumpled cars
If you're a fan of American heavy metal, Italian speed demons, English luxury and the like, these photos of smashed-up exotic automobiles might just bring you to tears. The silver lining? Unlike for the owners of these wheels, your insurance doesn't rival the national debt!
Pedal to the twisted metal