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  • Use Your EarthLink Email—Anonymously
    Anonymous Email Addresses give you the control
    by Armeen Youssefian
    You know all that junk email that somehow gets in your inbox—and on your nerves? How do these people get your email address anyway? And why do you keep getting dozens of emails about male pattern baldness?

    Not to worry. Now you can reduce the clutter of spam, protect your identity online—and take back control of your inbox! As an EarthLink member, you have FREE access to EarthLink's NEW ProtectionPack featuring Anonymous Email Addresses.

    Where is all this spam coming from?
    Whenever you enter your email address to register for a new Web site, join an email subscription list, or use it for online shopping—you're exposing yourself to spam.

    Sometimes providing your email address to just one Web site means you'll end up with dozens of unwanted emails from swarms of online marketers.

    That's because spammers collect and abuse email addresses like yours by buying email lists from other Web sites, using Web spiders that search for addresses, or using other email harvesting methods.
    The Basics
    The good news? You have access to 5 free Anonymous Email Addresses that you can use anytime, anywhere online to keep your real email address private and your primary inbox free from spam clutter. All you have to do is activate your Anonymous Email Addresses by registering for them before your first use—then start using them anywhere you'd usually use your EarthLink email address. These email addresses "live" inside your regular EarthLink email account—so you can access them by simply signing in to your EarthLink email through Web Mail.

    Great uses for Anonymous Email Addresses
    So where would you use your Anonymous Email Addresses? That's entirely up to you. But we've got some pretty good ideas:
    • New Web site registrations: Nowadays, seems like every other Web site wants you to enter your email address. Instead of entering your primary EarthLink email address and risking exposure to spammers, use an Anonymous Email Address anytime a Web site requires an email address to sign up.
    • Sending and receiving email regarding online purchases or sales: Whether you use Web sites like eBay or Craigslist to buy or sell items, or you just like to do your shopping online, using an Anonymous Email Address for communication keeps your real EarthLink email address and name private from strangers. Plus, if you use spamBlocker, you can get incoming email in your Anonymous Email Address without having to enter new contact information every time.
    • Contact info for your personal Web site: Have your own Web site? Use an Anonymous Email Address as your primary contact info or as your "mail to" address to maintain your privacy and keep spammers from discovering your real EarthLink email address.
    • Subscriptions or email lists: If you like to get email newsletters or stay up-to-date with certain Web sites through email—but don't like it cluttering your primary inbox—use an Anonymous Email Address. All email will automatically get delivered to a special folder so you can manage your subscriptions.
    The cool thing is this: you start getting a lot of spam into your Anonymous Email Address folders, the Sherlock Holmes in you can easily determine and keep track of which Web sites are selling or offering your email address to spammers.

    Automatic folders. Automatic delivery. All in one place.
    With Anonymous Email Addresses, you get privacy and online anonymity whenever you need to provide your email address online. But you might be thinking "that's what those free Web-based email accounts are for, right?" Here's the difference:

    With Anonymous Email Addresses, your email is all in one place—your EarthLink email account. After you register for your Anonymous Email Addresses, you'll automatically get 5 custom folders for each of your assigned addresses. Want to see all the incoming emails or send email directly from your Anonymous Email Addresses? All you have to do is sign in to Web Mail and check out the folders on your left.

    Slamming the door on spammers.
    One of the great things about Anonymous Email Addresses is that you can use them only as long as you want them. No strings attached. And you can use them once or repeatedly, in one place or on multiple Web sites. Then when you no longer need them, or if one of them starts getting too much spam, you simply delete them. That's it. Your real EarthLink email address and inbox stays completely untouched and intact.

    5 Anonymous Email Addresses in 5 minutes
    Getting your 5 free Anonymous Email Addresses is as easy as visiting and entering your EarthLink email address and password. You'll instantly be assigned your 5 unique Anonymous Email Addresses, and folders will automatically be opened in your EarthLink Web Mail account. To see your addresses after registration, simply sign in to Web Mail using your regular EarthLink email account and password. Your custom Anonymous Email Address folders will be located in the left column of the page. Then the next time you're asked for an email address, just enter one of these Anonymous Email Addresses. That's all there is to it.