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Online Gaming
It's not just for kids
There's more to online gaming than shoot-em-up action thrills—though there's plenty of that too. Whether it's simply an online version of a favorite game or something completely new, lots of people are discovering online offerings that cover a wide range of interests and abilities. Read the full article...

Podcasts: Get Your Audio On
By John Nolt
This week's tech tip is the first of two parts about podcasts and podcasting. If you've heard of podcasts but never really knew what they were all about, this tech tip is a great introduction to this new way of listening to people, places, and things on the Internet. It's all about podcasts.

Read the full article...

Technical Help from EarthLink
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Game: Hidden Expedition: Titanic—Windows
Search for sunken treasure
Immerse yourself in an undersea world of wonder. Dive deep to the sunken Titanic in an effort to retrieve the Queen's lost crown. Along the way pick up priceless jewels as your payment, and find other hidden items to send to the surface.
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All your applications in one place
Got a lot of programs? Hard to sift through 'em all to find the one you want? No problem: just click a hotkey and Todos will appear with all your applications in a complete dock. Click on your program and it launches instantly. Then Todos simply fades away´┐Żuntil you need it again.
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This Is Broken
Who made this #!%&* thing?!
Call it a gripe site. Consumers send in pictures of items they've bought, signs they've seen, incomplete instructions, unreadable maps, and other frustrations. Why? Because they're broken! They don't work! Sheesh!
Caveat Vendor!


Help make a difference in saving the lives of homeless pets across the country. Order a DOGS WHO CARE™ Collar at This pet version of the "Livestrong" bracelet gives 100% of proceeds to a network of "no-kill" animal shelters. Spokesdog Schmitty, a five pound Yorkshire Terrier, recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and ACCESS Hollywood to "bark" about DOGS WHO CARE. Schmitty's the little guy helping the little guy make a big difference.
Paper Craft
Create paper animals and models
Think 3-D models. Not origami. This site from Yamaha Motors offers free, downloadable, printable templates that you cut out to make detailed paper sculptures. The exquisite templates range from rare animals of the world to realistic models of Yamaha's popular motorbikes.
Scissors on stand-by!

Which Sports Car Are You?
Do you like to go topless?
Am I stylish and nimble or all about raw power? Ah, those deep, introspective questions you're always asking yourself. Now you can finally get some answers! Yup, this is one of those fun personality tests that, if nothing else, make your workday go by a little faster.
Discover your inner Ferrari

Mr. Doubletalk[Best with Broadband]
Confusing people is an art form
"Mr. Doubletalk" (AKA Durwood Fincher) is a comic and doubletalk expert who makes it his occupation to talk nonsense—and he has the videos to prove it. Watch him in action as he skillfully baffles his latest victims (including some celebs!).
Say what?!

Animal Group Names
More fun than a barrel of monkeys
You know all about a flock of sheep and a gaggle of geese. But did you know about the unkindness of ravens? This "Animal Bytes" page of the San Diego Zoo Web site lists an interesting menagerie of animal group names for your edu-tainment.
Stay away from the mob of emus
Dust off those bookshelves
Have piles of books you'll never read again? Someone out there wants them! Join the BookMooch community and exchange your used books for other ones you're interested in reading now. Registration is free, you can receive as many books as you give out, and all you ever pay for is postage
Wanna trade?