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Fantasy Sports
Get your dream game on
Soon, the World Series will be upon us, and then it will be time to stake your claim on the gridiron. Whatever Major League game you call your own, get your draft and auction skills honed and make ready your ranking and cheat sheets—because it's time for fantasy sports! Pick your game: football, baseball, basketball...we got 'em.

Football Basketball Baseball Soccer

How To Be a Blogger
By John Nolt
Learn how to create and maintain a Weblog in this week's tech tip, the second of a two-part series on blogs and blogging.

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Create your own pdf files
Turn any document into a PDF file. Just open a document, select print, and in the printer selector pick PDF995. Your document will then automatically open in your PDF reader. Or just save your new PDF document. It's that simple.
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Game: Lugaru—MAC OSX
Kung-fu rabbit justice
You're in the wild. You're an expert kung-fu rabbit. And you're looking for those who destroyed your village. But first you have to combat other kung-fu rabbits and hungry wolves. To help save the rabbits from your village, you've got no choice. Gotta be fast on the keyboard—great graphics!
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Download a good audiobook
Free audio recordings of hundreds of books in the public domain—all recorded by volunteers. Download as many as you like, or volunteer to read something for others to enjoy!
Raise your voice

Population Growth Map
Watch the cities grow
Straight from the BBC, this interactive map of population growth shows changes to the world's major cities from 1955 to the present and projects growth up to 2015.
It's getting crowded in here

Strange Musical Instruments
Symphony of the obscure
Ever hear of the Kaval or the Tsabouna? How about the Electronic Bagpipe? Find these and many more on this photo gallery of weird and wonderful musical instruments. Includes sound samples.
Toot your own horn

The Astronomy Cafe
Ask an astronomer
"The Web site for the astronomically disadvantaged." For anyone interested in space and physics but intimidated by the concepts, a working astronomer provides easy-to-understand answers.
You're from what planet?

Museum of Yo-Yo History
It's older than you think
The premier site for yo-yo collectors. This online museum has the complete spin on the comings and goings (!) of the universally beloved toy. Check out photos of classic yo-yos and trade messages on the board.
It's yo-yo time!

Tomato Splat
Stick guy. Tomato. Splat.
Sometimes it's important to go back to the basics, remind ourselves of what the Internet is really all about. So, here we have a cheerful stick figure throw a tomato...which goes splat. And it is good.
Fruit or vegetable?