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How to Handle Bugs
Avoiding insect bites and stings
Summer is for the beach, the lake, camping, hiking, and just plain rolling around on the lawn. But when it comes to dealing with bugs, sometimes the great outdoors isn't so great. For a few ideas on keeping multi-legged pests out of your hair (and off your skin), as well as treating bites and stings, we put together a whole colony of informative links for you.

Identifying insects Treating insect bites & stings Insect repellent methods

All About Blogs
By John Nolt
This week's tech tip is the first of two parts about blogs and blogging. If you've heard of blogs but never really knew what they were all about, this tech tip is a great introduction to a fascinating world of stories, grousing, confessions, cool links, and so much more. It's all about blogs.

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Game: The Secret of Easter Island—Windows
Adventure, rescue, big statues!
Your goofy little cartoon guy is charged to save the people of Easter Island by returning a sacred statue stolen to the volcano god's altar before the volcano erupts. Avoid the lava, solve some puzzles, and have fun!
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EarthLink Shopping Widget—MAC OSX v.10.4
Simple shopping for Mac users
Add this widget to your Mac OS X Dashboard for a friendly, easy-to-use shopping experience. It helps you find items you want, make comparisons, get the best prices—and it's FREE! Download it and let us know what you think by posting a comment on our Earthling Blog.
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Cows On Parade
Cow statues. Hundreds of them. Need we say more?
The cows have taken over the streets of Chicago. As part of a 1999 public art exhibit, more than 300 fiberglass cow statues were put out to Chicago pasture. And you can see these bovine beauties for yourself at this online gallery. It's udder magic!
One cow. Two cow. Red cow. Blue cow.


Home Energy Savers
Save energy, save money!
It's a record-hot summer everywhere, and turning off your air conditioning is not an option. To help keep your home energy costs down, this cool site (couldn't resist) includes a special audit tool to help you learn how you can save energy and lots of money!
Add it up and cool it off!

Tech E Blog
Gadgets galore!
Because you can't get enough of the fun, cutting-edge devices making their way into the world, take a look here first to see the very latest in fast, shiny, portable, pluggable, and just plain cool new gadgets!
I gotta get one of those!

High Blood Pressure Guide
Learn it, lower it, & live.
Men and women, young and old—the fact is high blood pressure can still be a silent killer. Get informed about detection, prevention, treatment, and medication.
Cool, calm, & educated

My Drawings
Hey, look at what I made!
Everybody doodles. Here's your chance to share yours and take a look other people's, too. We're talking drawings here. They range from the silly to the sublime. Post your own illustrations and check out all the other entries. Don't forget to vote for your favorites!
Go, Van Gogh!

Make Your Own Superhero
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's�Bob!
Create your very own superhero! Design your virtual costume, mask, superhero logo—the sky's the limit. It's a lot like making an online avatar, only this one is faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap tall buildings�you know the rest.
No capes, darling!