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New, FREE EarthLink Toolbar®
Now with more customizable features
The EarthLink Toolbar is all dressed up and ready to go. This easy-to-use browser add-on is a jack-of-all-trades designed to make your Web experience safer, more convenient, and productive. Our latest version for Internet Explorer adds new customizable features to further enhance your time online. And it's still FREE! Don't surf without it. Read the full article...

Dirty Desktop? How to Clean Up Your Act
When your desktop contains more files and folders than the National Archives, you may find it hard to see the ones you need.

This week's Tech Tip dishes out a few quick methods to wrangle those files into order, or at least get them out of sight. Whether you want to organize them or sweep them under the carpet, we can help.
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Technical Help from EarthLink
  • Free EarthLink software: Our latest TotalAccess® 2005 software helps you avoid connection problems and helps block online threats like viruses, spyware, and scams. Download today!
  • Need help right now? Try trading real-time messages with EarthLink Tech Support.

Password manager & form filler
Manage all your passwords for automatic logins. Also generate random passwords with encryption for better security. Fill in long registrations and check-out forms in a breeze. Even sync passwords to your PDA.
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Game: Super Jigsaw—MAC OSX
Marine life image puzzles
Jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts, enjoy a special treat of assembling these images by Wyland, world-famous marine life artist. Swim with dolphins and save the whales from your own computer!
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The Jell-O Museum
A Web site that wiggles?
Come in and celebrate the one dessert that everyone can agree on. Read all about the history of Jell-O, pick up a unique recipe or two, learn some fun trivia, and discover the whereabouts of the actual Jell-O Gallery. Why? Because there's always room for Jell-O.


Running and Walking Routes
Find one in your neighborhood!
Whether you're training for a marathon or just want a scenic walk around the block, USA Track & Field offers the largest searchable database of routes across the country. Find a route, map it, measure distances, or share your own favorite stretch of sidewalk.
Run, Forrest! Run!
What's that song again?
Can't get that tune out of your head? Tune in to the Open Music Encyclopedia—a searchable, editable, and expandable collection of tunes, melodies, and musical themes. Search by phrases, rhythms, notes you can play on a virtual keyboard—or whistle a melody right into your computer!
Name that tune

The Sleep Foundation
Catch some quality zzz's
Why are you ready for a nap by 3 in the afternoon? And how much sleep do you need, anyway? This creative, informative site from the National Sleep Foundation keeps you awake with great resources about sleeping and sleep disorders.
A better sleep awaits´┐Ż

Digital Photography School
Take better photos
All you budding shutterbugs out there—get your trigger fingers ready! At Digital Photography School, you'll find easy-to-understand, easily applicable tips and lessons to improve your digital photos.
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Head-Butt Game
Discover your inner Zidane
Now you, too, can live out soccer player Zinedine Zidane's moment of madness at the World Cup—the head-butt heard 'round the world! Just use your cursor to discover how many Marco Materazzis you can knock down. It's FREE!
Use your head