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  • New, FREE EarthLink Toolbar®
    Now with more customizable features
    by Chan Park
    Using our FREE EarthLink Toolbar is a simple way to make your Web experience safer, more convenient, and productive. Our latest version for Internet Explorer adds new customizable features to further enhance your time online. We strongly recommend that you give it a try today.

    All you need to do is download the Toolbar and it will appear integrated with your Web browser, offering one-click access to search, security, myEarthLink content, and other EarthLink features. The buttons are customizable, so you can choose which tools you want at your fingertips. You can even expand the search box for easier searching.

    Classic Toolbar features
    If you haven't yet downloaded the Toolbar for either Internet Explorer or Firefox, you're missing out on great security features.

    One essential Toolbar feature is ScamBlocker, our exclusive tool that helps protect you from online scams that try to steal your personal and financial information—even your identity. ScamBlocker displays a security rating for every Web site you visit and alerts
    you before you enter a Web site on a list of known fraudulent sites. So you'll have added peace of mind whenever you submit any personal information online.

    The Toolbar also comes with our customizable Pop-Up Blocker that can even block Shockwave and Flash pop-ups. Integrated Privacy Tools help manage "cookies" and give you five levels of privacy protection for your browser. There's also one-click access to your Protection Control Center tools, which include AntiVirus, Spyware Blocker, and Firewall.

    And for productivity, the Toolbar's built-in Disc Cleanup and Disc Defragmenter tools can clean up your hard drive space and improve your computer's speed. Not bad for a free download.

    But that's not all.

    New features—Toolbar for Internet Explorer
    Our Toolbar for Internet Explorer has been updated with great new features that are designed to make your Web surfing experience more convenient and enjoyable.

    These new features include a Web Mail button that makes quick work of signing in to your EarthLink Web Mail account. There's also one-click access to MindSpring for unlimited, free PC-to-PC calling. MindSpring is a free download from EarthLink that allows you to talk to anyone, anywhere in the world for free. If you've already installed MindSpring, clicking the MindSpring button on the Toolbar will instantly launch the program.

    The updated Toolbar also displays up-to-date, custom news headlines, stock quotes, and weather info right on your browser. The news categories, stocks, and location for weather forecasts will be based on your myEarthLink start page preferences. If you haven't yet customized myEarthLink, simply click the pulldown arrow on the button you want to customize and choose the Customize selection at the bottom of the menu. You'll be able to add your home zip code for local weather, choose the stocks you want quotes for, and select the news categories that interest you most.

    You'll also enjoy one-click access to great online resources for travel, entertainment, shopping, as well as all the other channels on your myEarthLink start page. Clicking the myEarthLink button will take you straight to your myEarthLink page. Click the pulldown arrow to see all your channel options. The entertainment pulldown contains links to myEarthLink pages for movie showtimes and TV listings (which you can customize), music, and books. The weather button displays your local weather conditions, with the forecast for the next few days available in the pulldown.

    The Toolbar helps you get the information you need—faster. Plus, the buttons are customizable, so you can choose which ones to display.

    Download the Toolbar now and experience greater convenience, productivity, and security for yourself!