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  • Maximize Your Benefits with Eight Email Addresses
    How to create and use multiple email addresses
    By Jennifer Cobb

    Your EarthLink Internet service includes eight email addresses—all with 100MB of email storage. And that's not also receive 10MB of free webspace for each email address! The possibilities for that much space are endless...

    Why do I need more than one email address?
    • For eight times the EarthLink benefits
    • For the ability to have eight separate, private addresses
    • For the added protection against spam

    Eight times the benefits

    Eight email addresses mean:

    • Eight times the email storage space: You receive 100MB of online email storage for each address.
    • Eight customized start pages: Each address can have a personal start page displaying different interests. Choose from features like news headlines, stock quotes, sports scores, and movie showtimes. Visit to find out more.
    • Eight potential Web sites: With each email address, you receive 10MB of webspace for personal Web sites. Find out more.
    • Eight EarthLink WebLife accounts: EarthLink WebLife allows you to securely store, back up, share and manage important files, music, and photos online. Each email address receives 1G of personal space! Find out more about WebLife.

    The ability to have eight separate, private addresses

    If you have kids, they'll probably want their own email address (don't worry, we have Parental Controls). If you don't have kids, you can use the multiple profiles for yourself�create an email address for work, an email address for friends & family, and an email address for the music mailing list you belong to.

    Added protection against spam

    The best way to avoid spammers is to not get on their list in the first place. Unfortunately, that's easier said than done. Pretty much anything you do on the Web—shopping, subscribing to newsgroups, visiting chat rooms, etc.—requires a valid email address. Over time, your email address can fall into the hands of spammers.

    To avoid having email from your mom mixed up with the latest offers for a prescription drug, use a "disposable" email address when registering and shopping online. Eight email addresses give you the flexibility to "dispose" of an email address when it starts to collect too much. Check the email address periodically using EarthLink Web Mail. If it becomes a spam-magnet, simply delete it.

    Keep in mind that even if you don't register or shop online, your email address could fall victim to spam. That's because spammers simply guess your email address. To beat the spammers, try to make guessing as difficult as possible by using a longer, more complicated email address. Make your email address more than one word (preferably word segments), and use numbers and an underscore.

    Find out more about how EarthLink fights to keep spam out of your Inbox with our powerful spamBlocker tool.

    Creating a new email address

    To create a new email address, simply follow these steps:
    1. Visit My Account (
    2. Sign in using your primary email address and password.
    3. Click on the Add A New Profile link.
    Keeping track of your email addresses

    You can manage all of your email addresses (profiles) at My Account. Once you sign in, you'll see how many profiles you've used and how many are free. Click the Profiles link to make changes or delete a profile.

    Can't get enough?

    If you need more than eight email addresses, you can buy extra. Click here to find out more.

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