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Countdown to Better Credit
Want to master your credit? Use the Web to know it, check it, or fix it.
Having, keeping, and achieving good credit is essential to getting what you want. But most of us are blissfully ignorant of any darkness that lurks on our credit reports. The good news? We live in the Information Age. With countless resources online, you can learn the secrets of healthy credit, begin a credit makeover�or just get the free credit report you�re entitled to.

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Create & Use Extra email addresses
Did you know you have EIGHT email addresses included with your EarthLink Internet service? That's enough for the whole family . . . including your dog, Sparky. Don't have a big family? There are still plenty of reasons to take advantage of this valuable, FREE member benefit�like reducing spam and multiplying (by 8) your online storage space. Find out more...

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Technical Help from EarthLink
  • Free EarthLink software: Our latest TotalAccess® 2005 software helps you avoid connection problems and helps block online threats like viruses, spyware, and scams. Download today!
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Seterra 2.84—Windows
Know your world!
Next time you watch Jeopardy! you won't be lost. With this geography quiz program you can test your knowledge of world cities, capital cities, countries, geographical features, flags, and more!
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Game: Jack of All Trades 1.1.3—MAC OS X
Explore the galaxy in search of fame and fortune as a trader, bounty hunter, rebel, or even space pirate. Pick your ship: freighter, fighter, capital destroyer. Then upgrade with powerful weapons and other modifications. Will you be savior or scourge of the galaxy? Hey, you're the captain.
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I have a good feeling about this!
For the Star Wars junky—it's all Star Wars, all the time. Like to collect classic action figures? Rare books, magazines, comic books? Toys, photos, and all kinds of paraphernalia from a galaxy far, far away? It's all here, and then some!
Light speed!

Flash DJ in the house!
Turn your computer into a rave! Interactive Flash animation that let's you be the DJ, the rapper, the crowd, the light designer—you name it! There's also a selection for just Old School scratching. Too cool...
Get on the mike!

Weird and wonderful!
Call it a challenge to the imagination. Or a triumph of imagination! Best yet, just call it Internet Performance Art. Oh, never mind naming it�some things you've just got to experience for yourself...
We're not in Kansas anymore

The Celebrity 100
Who's who?
It's annual list of the 100 hottest, most powerful celebrities and athletes. Learn all about their comings & goings, earnings, and works in progress. Go on, indulge in your guilty pleasure, and see if you can guess who's on top!
Who's on the red carpet?

Mayo Clinic
Time to get in shape!
The world-renowned Mayo Clinic has assembled a cache of helpful articles and tips on starting your own fitness program. Also included are valuable tools like BMI calculator, calorie counter, as well as a vast database on drugs and supplements.
Work those abs!

Portraits made out of toast
High art and high fiber!
Not just for breakfast anymore. Check out these eye-popping toast portraits—from Elvis to the Mona Lisa—by New Zealand's renowned "Toastman."
Art is in the mouth of the beholder.