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Celebrating the 4th of July
America's favorite holiday
It's that time of year—we're celebrating our nation's birthday! Time to fire up the barbecue, run three-legged races, light up a sparkler and sit back to watch the fireworks. But there's got to be more to it than that, right? After all, there's a lot of history behind America's Independence Day. So, here's a starburst of links to remind us why we do what we do´┐Żand what we do. Happy 4th of July!

Celebrating American History Barbecues & Picnics The Grand Finale

Making the Most of My Account
This week's Tech Tip highlights some of the recent updates to "My Account"—EarthLink's easy-to-use account-management Web site. You may be surprised at all My Account can do for you. It's definitely something you should check out... Technical Help from EarthLink
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Avoid Instant Messaging Dangers
Security tips for IM users
With the growing popularity on instant messaging comes new risks—from unwanted messages and online harassment to identity theft and computer viruses. With a few basic precautions, you can enjoy the real-time interaction of instant messaging with less worry. EarthLink security tools:
*ScamBlocker *Virus Blocker *spamBlocker
*Pop-Up Blocker *Privacy Tools *Parental Controls
*Free Security Check *Norton Security Products

Game: Diner Dash—Windows
Don't quit your day job
Think you have what it takes to start your own restaurant empire? This fast-paced puzzle and action game lets you start with a two-table diner and grow to the top of the restaurant ladder. Check out the free trial version.
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Google Sketchup—MAC OS X
Express yourself in 3D
This free, easy-to-learn modeling program lets you draw 3D models with a few simple tools. You can create houses, spaceships, robots—anything you can imagine.
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New EarthLink WebLife - Sneak Preview!
1GB of online storage space—FREE!
Your photos and files are more than just data. They're your memories, your digital life. That's why our new WebLife gives you your own personal space online to easily store, organize, edit, and share your most important digital photo, media, and data files. And you'll have peace of mind, knowing that it's safe and secure. With this special sneak preview, EarthLink members can try WebLife with 1GB of free storage space!
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Satellite discoveries
See parts of the world unknown
Check out amazing satellite images of ancient cities ruins under oceans, forgotten irrigation systems from ages past—as well as stuff that scientists just don't know what on earth it is. Only that it is in fact on earth.
I can see my house from here!

Self-portrait icon maker
Create a digital you
Now you can be your own Picasso. With this easy-to-use site, simply choose from a vast selection of features to recreate your own likeness. Or create a whole new you! Save and place it anywhere—your Web site, email, etc.
I'm ready for my close-up!

Color Quiz
Where do you fit in the rainbow?
Take this five-minute personality test by simply choosing colors. No brain-busting questions, ink blot tests or essays, just colors. You just might be amazed at the results.

Best Paper Airplanes
Fold 'em and watch 'em soar!
Kids from 4 to 104 can follow these easy instructions on making a whole fleet of different kinds of paper airplanes. Some of them are even flying origami! All you need is some paper, a cool breeze, and a smile.
Ready for take-off!

International Jugglers' Assoc.
Play catch with yourself!
There are two kinds of people: Those who juggle, and those who wish they could. No matter which camp you're in, this site brings you all things juggling—how-to lessons, events & festivals, history, lots of photos, and more!
Come defy gravity!

Bug Recipes
There's nothing quite like a home-cooked mealworm.
What's that grumbling in your belly? Could it be another craving for Candied Crickets? You can just forget about your diet, because the epicureans at Iowa State University have a swarm of bug recipes you can really sink your teeth into!
Why eat beets when you can eat beetles?