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Thank you for choosing EarthLink High Speed Cable Internet service. We trust you're already up and running, enjoying all the speed of your new, lightning-fast cable Internet connection. The cable Internet experts here at EarthLink created this page to help you complete your setup and start enjoying the many other benefits that come with your EarthLink service.

EarthLink Web Mail

FREE Web Mail is the quickest & easiest way to get your EarthLink email from any online computer. Simply sign in with your EarthLink email address & password. You'll get automatic spamBlocker & Virus Blocker protection and can activate up to 10 anonymous email addresses to use with Web Mail.

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Norton 360™ Online

Safeguard your cable Internet service with our all-in-one security suite. Get comprehensive protection against viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, bots, rootkits, hackers, online scams, and all the other bad stuff that's out there.

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EarthLink has an award-winning reputation for the quality of our support. And we're here to help you 24/7. You can get self-help support anytime at our Support Center and manage your account online at My Account. For installation, connection, or billing issues, please contact your cable company (see link below if you need a phone number).

EarthLink Home Networking

Now that you've got all that cable Internet speed, why not share it on all your home PCs. EarthLink Home Networking makes it simple to connect up to 4 computers, surf wirelessly all around your home, share printers & more. Get FREE Equipment after rebate.

Have questions? Need Help? Find solutions at EarthLink Support. Connect with us and follows us Facebook and Twitter!