Frame Relay offering provides flexible permanent virtual circuits up to 1.5 megabits per second for reliable, dedicated, around-the-clock Internet connections.

PASADENA, Calif., November 5, 1996 — EarthLink Network, Inc., a national Internet access provider, has introduced reliable, high-speed, frame relay Internet access service in 290 U.S. cities, offering several advantages over competing solutions. Frame relay is an efficient, wide area networking (WAN) technology which combines the high bandwidth and reliable, dedicated connections of more expensive solutions, such as T1 lines, with the flexibility to purchase only as much performance as needed. Frame relay users may scale their circuit performance to meet their needs in the most cost effective manner by selecting either a maximum burst information rate (BIR) or minimum committed information rate (CIR), or both, to meet changing requirements. EarthLink’s frame relay service is an efficient, dependable option for connecting a LAN or WAN to the Internet, for building a corporate Intranet, or for an individual who requires dedicated, high-speed Internet access.

"Unlike some competing offerings, EarthLink offers ’true’ frame relay. It’s not aggregated, not oversubscribed, and the customer gets exactly the performance he or she is paying for," said Julie Mantis, vice president of sales for EarthLink Network. "EarthLink then adds flexible, value pricing, a wider range of easily adjustable performance combinations, real-time network monitoring and technical support." Unlike the competing offerings of many other Internet providers who aggregate their customers’ traffic with volumes of other traffic onto a T1, T3 or ATM backbone, EarthLink’s frame relay service provides exactly the bandwidth purchased. EarthLink’s flexible performance structure allows customers to choose port speeds of 56Kbps, 128Kbps, 256Kbps, 512Kbps or full T1 speed of 1.536Kbps. Best of all, customers may lower their monthly fee by selecting a CIR as low as 25 percent of their port speed - and still achieve burst speeds up to their port speed. Real-time network monitoring and EarthLink’s many performance options make it easy for customers to get exactly the performance they need at the price they want to pay. Frame relay customers have access to EarthLink’s frame relay technical support specialists 24-hours per day, seven-days-per-week. Each frame relay account, regardless of performance option chosen, can receive up to 253 routeable IP addresses, an e-mail box, newsgroup access and a unique domain name.

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