EarthLink Tops OnBoard’s Annual List of Georgia Public Companies with Most Women on Board of Directors.

ATLANTA, GA — December 11, 2013 — At its annual awards dinner, OnBoard, a Georgia-based organization that advocates for more female representation on public corporate boards, announced that EarthLink, Inc. (NASDAQ: ELNK), a leading IT and communications provider headquartered in Atlanta, tops its 2013 list of Georgia-based companies with four women on its board of directors. OnBoard's 21st annual study points to acceleration in women executives serving on the boards of public companies, and indicates that this year's result is an all-time high for the state.

OnBoard President Dr. Constance R. Dierickx said, "EarthLink has taken action by naming four women to their board. We celebrate their decision and look forward to their leadership influencing others. We see acceleration, and have evidence the momentum is building."

Stacie Hagan, Executive Vice President, Customer Operations and Corporate Processes for EarthLink, added, "EarthLink fully supports OnBoard's continued initiative to improve female representation on the Boards of Georgia's public companies, and is also committed to expanding the ranks of women executive leaders at every level of our company."

According to EarthLink Independent Lead Director Susan D. Bowick, "The EarthLink Board has been very proactive in continually evaluating its collective skills and experience against what our new business strategy demands. As a result, we created new Board openings, found exactly the right skill set in the female candidates, and are proud to have such a talented group of individuals working together. Research shows that when publicly traded companies have three or more female Board members, they experience greater financial success. My challenge to other Boards that seek more diversity is to at least annually take a clear-eyed look at the current collective skill set, work hard to create new Board positions and bring on new abilities as a result. There are many talented, experienced women available in the marketplace today."

The four women currently serving on EarthLink's board of directors include Susan D. Bowick, Marce Fuller, Kathy S. Lane, and Dr. Julie A. Shimer.