EarthLink Policies and Agreements

Residential Broadband Network Management Information

EarthLink believes that limited, reasonable network management practices are necessary for EarthLink to provide all our EarthLink and PeoplePC residential broadband customers with award winning high speed Internet access. EarthLink uses a variety of tools and methods to manage our network, including network congestion, and to address security concerns. Our industry standard network management practices help us protect our network and our customers from harmful online activity (like spamming, viruses and phishing) and help ensure compliance with our Service Agreements and Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). EarthLink’s Service Agreements and AUP are available at

We continually evaluate the effectiveness of our network management practices so that we can address the ever changing issues and threats that affect our network and our customers. We will update this page to keep our customers informed of any significant changes to our residential broadband network management practices.

1. Network Practices

EarthLink continuously monitors our network with the goal of providing all our customers with full access to all the lawful activities, content, applications and services that the customers seek on the Internet. When we find network congestion that may impact our customers’ use of our services, we work to alleviate the congestion by obtaining more capacity to be provided to our customers.

EarthLink uses various tools and methods to protect the security of our network and, in turn, our customers. We have implemented several network-based security tools designed to identify and block malicious activity. In addition, we monitor for unusual login, firewall and specific malicious network activity on our network. We may block ports and Internet Protocol addresses and cancel or suspend customer accounts that are used to host malicious websites, send phishers or spam, launch malicious attacks or try to steal customer information. We do not restrict our customers by protocol, application, ports or devices except to protect our network and our customers. In order to maintain the integrity of our network and our security programs, we do not disclose all the specifics of our security tools and methods.

In addition, we offer our customers various security tools for the customers’ own use. Information on these tools is available at

2. Third Party Network Practices

In order to provide broadband Internet access to our residential customers, we use the DSL and cable Internet access services of various third parties. These third parties may have network management practices of their own that vary from EarthLink’s practices. If you have any questions about the network management practices of any third party that may help EarthLink provide broadband Internet access to you or for information on how to obtain such third parties’ policies for your review, please contact us. To contact EarthLink Customer Service via telephone or live chat go to To contact PeoplePC Customer Service via telephone or live chat go to

3. Performance Characteristics

EarthLink provides high speed Internet access service, in part, by using the DSL and cable Internet access services of various third parties. The performance of EarthLink’s services, including the access speed and latency of such services, depends on the performance of these third party networks. We work with these third parties in an effort to provide our customers with robust services.

Information on the network management practices and performance characteristics of our third party DSL and cable Internet access service providers is available at these third party websites:

In addition, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has released a study and report on the performance of certain nationwide residential wireline broadband services in the United States, including most of the third parties that help EarthLink provide broadband Internet access service. This study, Measuring Broadband America, examined and reported on the service offerings of the largest wireline broadband providers using automated, direct measurements of broadband performance delivered to the homes of thousands of volunteers during March 2011. More information on the FCC study and report and the performance data is available at

4. Commercial Terms

In general, EarthLink does not place usage limits on our residential high speed Internet access services. However, certain third party cable Internet access services that EarthLink uses may limit the amount of data that customers can upload or download per month. More information on these limits is contained in Section 4 of EarthLink’s Cable Internet Service Agreement available at

For information on all our residential high speed products and services, including pricing and available speeds, please go to Our high speed products and services are governed by our policies and agreements, including our Privacy Policy. You can find these policies and agreements at

To contact EarthLink with any questions or concerns about its network management practices or any other issues, please go to

Dated: November 10, 2011; updated on January 6, 2012

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